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Car accidents, drunk driving accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall incidents—these are all common occurrences in Delray Beach, Florida.  Who will serve justice to those at fault?  Aronberg, Aronberg, & Green is South Florida’s premier personal injury law firm. We will hold your hand after you have been injured in an accident to ensure you get back on your feet while we aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf.

The attorneys at Aronberg, Aronberg & Green have over 53 years of combined experience. We are passionate about our work and solely focus our energy on injury cases. We attribute our success to hard work and individualized attention to each of our clients. We enjoy getting out into the field to uncover facts. We also spend time to get to know our clients and see first hand how their injuries impact their lives which enables us to better advocate on their behalf. For this reason, we intentionally limit our caseload and seek to undertake cases involving truly deserving claimants.

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Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorneys in Delray Beach, Florida

Our personal injury firm has close ties to the Delray Beach community. We own our office building which is located in the heart of our town at the intersection of Atlantic Ave. and Congress Blvd. Our attorneys and staff travel share travel the same roads as you, visit the same parks, participate in local events,  and eat at the same restaurants. We care about our town and are vigilant in our efforts to make it a safer place by holding corporations and people accountable for careless or negligent actions which cause serious injuries to others. Most of our client base is local and this has given us the opportunity to handle many injury cases involving our local police force, local hospitals, medical professionals, insurance companies, and our fellow colleagues within the court system. Odds are we have handled a case very similar to yours and we are very familiar with the pathway for success. Let our experience and network of professionals work towards a favorable outcome in your injury case.

Confidence in Our Approach—Delray Beach Personal Injury Attorneys

We encourage potential clients to conduct research on our firm and let our past successes speak for themselves.  All of our client reviews and past case results are made available on our website because we believe transparency is a necessary part of a positive and trusted reputation. We are also very proud of our Google reviews which are available online. Our website also includes highlights of our past results on cases of interest we have handled.

At Aronberg, Aronberg, and Green, no fees are required up front.  Our policy is that we get paid when you get paid.  And to solidify our relationships with new clients, we offer a free consultation and are glad to provide free advice. You will come to find that our meticulous and intimate approach to your personal injury case in Delray Beach is what makes us leading attorneys in Delray and across South Florida.

Our Spectrum of Services for Delray Beach Personal Injury Clients  include vehicle repairs, transportation, lost wages and more

In addition to building evidence to win your case, we also are aware of the human factors involved in pursuing an injury claim. During the initial consultation, many of our clients are not concerned with our ability to voir dire a jury (although that’s a good topic to ask us about). Instead, we find our clients have questions regarding more pressing topics such as lost wages. Lost wages and the inability to work can adversely affect a client’s emotional state, just as much as the physical injuries.  Suddenly, clients who cannot return to employment find themselves encountering financial jeopardy and emotional anguish. Beyond lost wages, clients are also usually concerned about vehicle repairs and rental cars. We are happy to assist and manage these other aspects of your case. Our team does the legwork for you to assist in getting your life back on track and we jump into action regular day-to-day issues in addition to other “lawyer stuff.” We also make sure the firm partners are available to speak with you anytime.

Your Medical Needs Covered

Allow us to recommend to you a doctor from our trusted network of peers.  Our clients in need of medical care should seek out treatment right away, but many are unfamiliar with the medical professionals in Delray Beach.  Aronberg, Aronberg, and Green has been guiding Floridians through the personal injury claim process for years, and not only do we strive for success within the courtroom but with the success of a clean bill of health for all of our clients struggling post-accident.

But that’s not all.  Our attorneys will ensure that your medical bills are going to your insurance, establishing a payment plan after you receive compensation, and we negotiate on your behalf so that you receive the maximum settlement amount.  Our experience enables us to navigate the bureaucratic red tape to better our clients’ situational outcomes.

Constructing and Investigating Your Case

You came to us for our experience, professionalism, and thorough skill-sets that allow us to champion our clients’ personal injury cases, and that’s exactly what we will do for you.  Part of our work involves conducting an investigation of your accident, collecting and gathering all shreds of evidence that could be helpful to the case.  This entails photographic and video evidence, surveillance tapes, police reports, medical bills, dispatcher audio recordings, witnesses, and when applicable, defendants.

Filing an Insurance Claim on Your Behalf

We understand the arduous task of filing an insurance claim following the event of an accident.  When clients are hospitalized or under distress from their injury, filing an insurance claim is the last thing on their minds.  We represent our clients and their needs when facing an insurance company, and when necessary, we fight in court to achieve the compensation for the personal injuries that they deserve.

Courtroom Experience

We are seasoned attorneys with years of experience in personal injury cases.  We have gone to trial against massive insurance conglomerates, government entities, and large corporations—there’s nothing that we cannot take on. Our experience and trial-readiness allow us to bring many cases to a quick resolution without you ever having to step into a courtroom. Insurance companies know to take our settlement demands seriously. If our demands are not met, we are ready, willing and able to file a lawsuit and pursue justice on your behalf.

How Your Delray Beach Personal Injury Case is Evaluated

Proving Fault

An injured person is only entitled to compensation after proving a third-party is responsible for the accident. We are fortunate enough to live in a society where video and photographic surveillance are in abundance, two means that can corroborate all angles of an accident that takes place. Additional modern amenities like cell phones, Automobile Black Boxes (“EDR”), and GPS tracking devices provide information in the form of accessible records that will help prove which party was at fault for a car accident.  We also maintain relationships with expert crash reconstruction engineers who can compute important crash data needed to win your case. For other types of accidents, such as a slip and fall, our law firm maintains working relationships with building code experts, construction experts, human factors experts and others who can analyze tripping or slipping hazards and determine whether the property owner neglected any of their duties.

Technology and fancy expert witnesses certainly are helpful to win cases, but we also know how important it is roll up our sleeves and get out in the field to do basic investigations. Finding witnesses to the accident and obtaining their statement is very important as well. We also make sure to get out to the accident site to take photographs to ensure our evidence depicts a fair and accurate representation of the accident scene as it appeared at the time of the accidents before any repairs or modifications are made.

Evaluating the Injuries

Once we prove someone else caused your accident, the next question is whether your injuries are serious and permanent. For car accidents, the insurance companies generally like to associate the size of the hit with the size of the injury. Usually, small impacts cause smaller injuries while larger impacts cause bigger injuries; however, this is NOT always the case. We have had plenty of small impact cases that resulted in serious injuries with large recoveries. There is no one size fits all approach to handling an injury claim.

The next item to consider is how soon after the accident did the injured party seek medical treatment. People with more serious injuries tend to seek medical treatment immediately following their accident.

The type of medical treatment required following your accident will also be an important factor to consider. Someone who requires hospitalizations or invasive medical treatment such as pain management injections or surgery will have the strongest case.

Ultimately, the crux of the injury evaluation will revolve around whether the injury is permanent and whether it has an impact on activities of daily life. The purpose of the settlement is to make the injured party whole again. The larger the injury the more money that is required to compensate the injured party.

It is important to note that merely “being” injured is not sufficient to prove your injuries. The insurance companies (or juries if you take your case to trial) will want to see medical records and documentation supporting your claim. At Aronberg, Aronberg, & Green, we remain in close contact with you and your medical providers to ensure we obtain the proper documentation needed to corroborate your claim.

Insurance Coverage

Once the fault has been determined and the injury is well documented, the final step in seeking compensation for your personal injuries is through the insurance channels.  As a result of most people not having any liquid cash, along with Florida’s asset and home protection laws, very rarely does the at-fault party personally contribute money towards your personal injury settlement. Instead, a high majority of the injury cases are paid for by insurance companies.  As your legal representation, we search for areas of coverage through your insurance company, the at-fault driver’s insurance provider, or if applicable, the employer of the at-fault driver such as ride-share companies (Uber, Lyft, or taxis), or rental car businesses.

If you have been injured in an accident in Delray Beach and are in need of a personal injury attorney, look no further than the team of qualified, practiced Delray Beach lawyers at Aronberg, Aronberg, & Green.  Call us with for a free consultation and let us get to work in securing the compensation you deserve.

We welcome our current or potential clients to come to visit us in our Delray Beach office at any time. Please call 561-266-9191 to make an appointment to see us in Delray Beach, Florida.

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  • Dave and his team work quickly and efficiently to get the client through an already stressful time. Very professional.

  • I would like to Thank David and Maxie for their professionalism and due diligence with my case. David was very compassionate and really listened to me. Maxie stayed on top of everything and was always in touch with me during this trying time. I was referred to him by my boss, and I would refer their firm to everyone.
    Thanks again.

  • My wife got into car accident 1 year ago. This law firm was outstanding in every way to settle this case in 1 year.

  • I had a wonderful experience with Aronberg, Aronberg & Green. I cannot express how satisfied I was especially this being my first experience. He is on speed dial in my phone. I highly recommend him. Great staff! Very professional.  Do NOT settle for less. He is the real deal!

    AJ Mejia

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*As of 1/5/18, the Aronberg, Aronberg & Green, Injury Law Firm has received more 5 star Google reviews than any other Delray Beach Personal Injury Law Firm.

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