$350,000 Slip & Fall Wet Paint

Sep 10th — Our client slipped when he stepped onto a parking lot covered with wet sealcoat due to an ongoing maintenance project. The sealcoat blended in with the pavement. The property owner closed... full story

$355,000 Auto Accident Settlement

Oct 4th — The Law Offices of Aronberg, Aronberg & Green recently settled a car accident case for $355,000. We resolved the claim in 9 months. The underlying facts involved a negligent... full story





Another Happy Client!!!

Feb 6th — We are happy to announce the final resolution of a client's fall case after 3 long years of work and litigation which included numerous depositions (including one taken of the client's... full story

Thank You – Great Review!!!

Oct 9th — Mr. Luntz - Thank you for a such a great review of our law firm. It is clients like you that make our job satisfying. We hope that you are feeling better... full story






Auto Accident – What is UM???

Feb 15th — There’s little in life that’s more terrifying and costly than being involved in an auto accident, no matter how small or big it may seem.  Many questions swirl around the... full story


Insurance Companies Raise Rates

Feb 23rd — By M.P. MCQUEEN July 1, 2008 Scientists say the jury is still out on whether rising sea temperatures will cause more hurricanes to hit U.S. coastlines. Yet some insurance companies are boosting premiums... full story

Stock Investment Loss Case

Apr 20th — We are happy to announce that our law firm settled a Stock Investment loss case arising out of inappropriate and unsuitable investments purchased by a local Boca Raton investment firm.... full story

Apps for Lawyers

May 28th — As we all know, technology has taken tremendous leaps forward in the past decade. Most recently, Apple's introduction of the iPhone and iPad has revolutionized the world of mobile technology. For lawyers,... full story

Florida Healthcare Insurance Issue

Jun 9th — In March 2010, President Obama signed a healthcare reform that caused much scrutiny and debate among the American public. Specifically, the most controversial provision in the bill states that in 2014,... full story

Red Hot and Boom Accident

Jul 15th — Updating our post yesterday, we received some phone calls giving us information about the Red Hot and Boom incident in which our client was struck and killed by a motor vehicle... full story

Dog Bite – Personal Injury Case???

Aug 10th — Of harmless people, it is often noted that their “bark is worse than their bite.”  But as one of our clients experienced first-hand last month, just the opposite was the case... full story

Tort “Reform” is a Generous Word

Sep 9th — Tort reform, tort reform, tort reform.  So, what is it?  Well, it depends who you ask.   If you ask the owners of large corporations (and their friends, colleagues and attorneys), they’ll... full story

Candy Litigation

Nov 4th — As humans, and Americans in particular, we have come a long way in protecting ourselves from self-inflicted harm. The process of human development has been characterized by trial (no pun intended)... full story

Penn State – Sexual Harassment Case

Nov 10th — Allegations and evidence of sexual harassment and statutory rape have rocked this week’s headlines. Familiar faces, like those of Jerry Sandusky and Herman Cain, have seen a spike in media... full story


Stock Broker Fraud

Jan 2nd — A large confidential settlement was reached on behalf of a client who was the victim of stock broker neglect and fraud. Our client, an elderly widow, was the victim of... full story


Fannie Mae Florida Class Action

Sep 11th — The law offices of Aronberg, Aronberg & Green announced that it has filed a class action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on September... full story



May 7th — On February 19, 2007, our client was riding his bicycle when he was run over by a commercial truck. As a result of the bicycle accident crash, our client suffered... full story


Nov 6th — On Valentine’s Day 2005, our client was driving his automobile on I-95 when he was rear-ended by an 18-wheel Tractor Trailer at approximately 17 m.p.h. He sustained a highly unusual spinal... full story


Food Truck/Automobile

Sep 2nd — In September 2006, our client was operating his motor vehicle with his wife approaching an intersection. A food truck made a left-hand turn at the intersection and broadsided our client's... full story


Automobile Accident

Feb 23rd — Our client sustained a knee injury as the result of an automobile accident. Four months after the accident, he suffered a stroke requiring in-patient rehabilitation. We argued to the jury... full story


Product Liability Case versus Dodge

Feb 23rd — Our firm handled a serious product liability case against Dodge arising from an intersection automobile accident where our client was broadsided by another motor vehicle. The accident resulted in two... full story

Automobile Accident

Jul 11th — We obtained a significant jury verdict in an automobile accident case for our elderly client. Prior to the automobile accident, our client had a history of general back problems. However,... full story


Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

May 1st — A $400,000 settlement was obtained against a South Florida Nursing Home for neglect and abuse in failing to treat pressure ulcers in an elderly patient. It is truly amazing and unfortunate... full story



Motor Vehicle / Pedestrian Accident

Jan 28th — A $500,000 settlement was obtained within six months of a motor vehicle versus pedestrian case. We represented the pedestrian in 2 actions - one against the driver of the motor... full story


Premises Liability Lawsuit Settlement

Nov 2nd — Premises Liability Lawsuit Settlement Milwaukee A confidential settlement was reached on behalf of a client injured while walking up a staircase leading to a hotel in the City of Milwaukee. The... full story


Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect

Mar 9th — Nursing Home Abuse Neglect Settlement A settlement was obtained on behalf of a victim's family as the result of neglect in a nursing home facility. The facility failed to obtain medical... full story

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