Eight Injured in Crash at Lauderdale Lakes Auto Auction Lot

Mar. 15th, 2023   /   , /   By: Blu Shark

On February 15th, at roughly 9:30 in the morning, people were gathering at the Lauderdale Lakes Auto Auction Lot at 3500 Northwest 21st Street. One of the vehicles up for auction, being driven by someone associated with the auction, suddenly accelerated in an erratic manner, striking people and other vehicles. Seven known victims had to…

How To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer

Jun. 10th, 2021   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

On average, there are around 6 million car accidents in the US every year. Most people expected the number of crashes to reduce during the Covid Pandemic where the roads were relatively empty, and people drove less in comparison to the previous years. However, the recent statistics released by the National Safety Council (NSC) reports…

Everyone Needs Uninsured Motorist Coverage!!

May. 29th, 2021   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

The photo above was taken by one of our clients, John (name changed for anonymity), following his January 15, 2021 car crash. John took the photo shortly after being rear-ended. He was feeling pain, needed medical care and his car was severly damaged. John hired us to make a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance…

How does Covid-19 impact my car accident case?

May. 29th, 2020   /   /   By: Seth Green

Our world looks a lot different today than it did just a few months ago. One thing that has remained the same is Aronberg, Aronberg & Green’s commitment to helping our clients with their personal injury claim every step of the way. Even in times as challenging as these, accidents continue to happen, so it…

These Traffic Signals Have Flashing Yellow Arrows: What This Means

Feb. 28th, 2020   /   , , , , /   By: Seth Green

Motorists in Palm Beach County will see an additional feature in their traffic lights. Eight intersections in Boynton Beach will have a new traffic light feature beginning on the 16th of November, flashing yellow arrows. Its success will determine whether to implement the practice throughout the rest of the county or not. It is not…

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Personal Injury Case?

Jan. 2nd, 2020   /   , , , , , , /   By: Seth Green

The Delray Beach Personal Injury Attorneys at Aronberg, Aronberg & Green have experience handling car accidents and slip & fall injury cases of all shapes and sizes. A common question asked by our clients is how long it will take to settle their case. To answer their question we divide injury cases up into three…

AAG Law Sponsors Dori Saves Lives To Help Promote Awareness of Florida’s Updated Law Banning Texting While Driving

Dec. 16th, 2019   /   , , , , , , , , , /   By: Seth Green

The Law Offices of Aronberg, Aronberg, & Green is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Dori Saves Lives Foundation to help spread awareness regarding the dangers of distracted driving and updates on the law. This year, the Dori Saves Lives Foundation is paying special attention to the updated Florida Law banning hand-held cell phone…

Uninsured Motorist Statistics for 2019: Growth of Uninsured Drivers by State

Nov. 4th, 2019   /   , , , /   By: Seth Green

According to the latest available data, about 13 percent of drivers in the US do not have insurance. This is despite the fact that car insurance is a fundamental requirement for vehicle registration purposes in almost all states. The percentage of uninsured drivers in the US varies from state to state. In Florida, for example,…

Differences Between Motorcycle Accidents and Car Accidents

Jul. 26th, 2019   /   , , , /   By: Seth Green

Our law firm is experienced in motorcycle accident cases. In addition to litigating motorcycles cases, our attorney, Seth Green, is a motorcycle rider and holds his motorcycle endorsement. This allows him to better understand the mechanics of a motorcycle accident because he has logged countless hours riding motorcycles throughout Florida.  We know motorcycles are fun…

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