How To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer

How To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer

On average, there are around 6 million car accidents in the US every year. Most people expected the number of crashes to reduce during the Covid Pandemic where the roads were relatively empty, and people drove less in comparison to the previous years.

However, the recent statistics released by the National Safety Council (NSC) reports that there were approximately 42,060 fatalities reported due to car crashes in 2020. This is a massive 8% increase over the previous year.

Auto accidents can be a terrifying experience for everyone involved. If you are involved in an auto crash, then the primary focus should be on getting to a place of safety as soon as possible. Make sure you get out of any active lanes of travel and put on hazard lights to warn oncoming drivers of your presence. Next, assess your physical injuries along with that of your passengers.

The fallout following an auto accident can be exhausting and overwhelming. The victim is stuck dealing with a damaged car, medical bills, lost wages and the insurance claims process is not easy. Usually there are two separate insurance companies (yours and the at-fault drivers) wanting you to complete paperwork, provide recorded statement and obtain documentation to prove your damages. In the event your damages are large, it is usually beneficial to hire a personal injury attorney. Also, regardless of the size of your damages, it is always beneficial to obtain a free consultation to get your bearings on where to start and how to proceed with the claim.

When it comes to the decision of hiring a highly qualified auto accident lawyer or attorney, below are a few important topics you should consider:

#1 Choose An Attorney Who Specializes In Auto Accidents:

The legal field is vast and covers a wide variety of matters. There are bankruptcy attorneys, real-estate attorneys, divorce attorneys, criminal attorneys, tax attorneys, personal injury attorneys, probate attorneys, and the list goes on and on. There is no way a lawyer can be a master of all fields. There simply is too much information. The most successful lawyers pick a niche that they choose to specialize in and spend all their time perfecting. A lawyer who spends all their time in one area of law has a great advantage over a jack of all trades.

#2 Verify The Experience Of The Auto Accident Attorney:

It is essential that you are looking into the track record of the past successful cases of auto accidents, which have been handled by the lawyer. It will give you a clear picture of their skills and expertise in handling complex as well as sophisticated auto accident cases. Besides this, Google Reviews and Peer Reviews are a good place to check.

#3 Verify Who Will Be Handling Your Case

It is important for you to understand who would be your main contact in the firm. There are some law firms out there who have 1 top lawyer with a great track record; however, only clients with very serious cases may have the benefit of getting to work with that top lawyer. Instead, these large firms may dish your smaller case off to an associate or paralegal. You should know who at the firm will be responsible for taking the lead and doing the leg work on your case.

#4 Schedule Your Free Consultation

At Aronberg & Aronberg Injury Law Firm, you have the flexibility to schedule meetings with the auto accident attorney and interact with them. The meeting with the auto accident attorney is essential so that it will be helpful in discussing the case in depth.

The one-to-one meeting is highly recommended to clearly explain the circumstances of the crash and discuss your legal options with the auto accident attorney. This kind of meeting will help you understand whether you have a valid case or not, and if yes, then how will the auto accident attorney proceed with it. The auto accident lawyer at Aronberg Law Firm would help you prepare for all the possible outcomes of the case. The attorney would then get all the important documents gathered. They would also gather the evidence of the accident, get authentic witness statements, and ensure to present your case to maximize your chances of a favorable verdict.

Whenever you find yourself in an auto accident, then it is always beneficial to hire a professional auto accident lawyer available at Aronberg Law Firm. We are here to help you resolve all kinds of auto accident cases and ensure that everything would be handled in the most hassle-free manner.

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