A hit and run car accident can be terrible for the victims of these crimes. National government statistics indicate that approximately 9% of all vehicle accidents are hit and run car accidents. This equates to nearly 575,000 hit and run car accident cases each year in the United States. The government also reports that the hit and run car accident rate has increased nationwide by 15% since 1998.

The simple fact is that an at-fault driver fleeing from the scene of a car crash does not mean they can avoid responsibility for the damages. An experienced car accident attorney could still help injured victims seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and reduced quality of life. When you need a Delray Beach hit and run accident lawyer, call Aronberg & Aronberg. We dedicate 100% of our resources to personal injury cases and helping accident victims like you get what they deserve.

What Is a Hit and Run Accident?

As a Delray Beach injury attorney can further explain, a hit and run is defined as a party’s failure to stop at the accident scene after an auto accident. When a person is involved in a hit and run car accident, they are required by law to stop and exchange pertinent information with all other involved parties. If a hit and run car accident occurs and there are no witnesses present, the person is required to stop and leave a note including all relevant information.

State law makes it a crime to not meet these requirements. According to Florida Statute § 316.061, it is a misdemeanor to leave the scene of a collision that results in property damage. At the same time, Florida Stat. § 316.027 says it is a felony to leave the scene of an accident that results in physical injury or death. A determined injury attorney could provide more information about the legal requirement to remain at the scene of a crash and the consequences fleeing drivers may face.

What To Do After a Hit and Run

If you find yourself the victim of a hit and run car accident, it is important to know how protect your interests and legal rights. Immediately following a hit and run, it is important to assess any physical injury that may have been caused in the accident. The police should be called to the scene immediately. All known information about the hit and run car driver and the car should be written down and included in the police report. Photographs of the car, the license plate and the driver of the car would be extremely helpful. All witnesses to the hit and run car accident should be identified and asked to report any information they can provide.

After a hit and run car accident, the victim may be faced with physical and/or property damage losses that may or may not be covered by their insurance. Many insurance policies do offer uninsured motorist coverage  for hit and run car accident losses, and it is important to know the limits of a policy. A Delray Beach attorney can help guide a victim of a hit and run car accident and eventually negotiate with your insurance company to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages.

Seeking Compensation Following a Hit and Run Collision

An accident claim should seek payments for the medical treatment that you need for your physical injuries. These payments could cover the cost of an ambulance ride, emergency care, orthopedic care, surgery, physical therapy and and rehabilitation. A comprehensive case will pursue payments for both past care and estimated future medical costs.

Hit and run crashes can also impact your life in other ways. It is not uncommon for a collision to cause severe or permanent injuries that prevent a person from working. As such, accident survivors also deserve compensation for lost wages to help alleviate their financial burdens.

In some cases, you may also be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering. These payments consider lasting pain, emotional trauma, and reduced quality of life resulting from someone else’s negligence. Having a legal professional take the lead on a Delray Beach hit and run case could help maximize the compensation you receive from liable parties.

A Delray Beach Hit and Run Accident Attorney Could Help You Move Forward

It is unfortunate that a significant portion of all collisions involve a driver fleeing the scene, which can make it difficult to obtain the compensation you need to make things right. Fortunately, the main goal of a Delray Beach hit and run accident lawyer is to find and hold negligent drivers responsible for their actions.

At Aronberg & Aronberg, our attorneys are prepared to perform a full investigation into the crash and track down at-fault drivers. We could also advise you on how to proceed to protect your legal rights and interests. Call today to schedule a free consultation with a seasoned legal professional ready to listen to you and your needs.

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