Getting into any kind of an accident is an overwhelming experience. If you were severely injured, you may face challenges trying to afford the cost of your medical treatment. You may also have to deal with property damage to your personal vehicle. Fortunately, if someone else’s negligence caused your accident, you have the right to pursue financial recovery for these damages.

The role of an attorney in Delray Beach car accident claims is to support you through this legal process while working to maximize available compensation. The auto accident attorneys at Aronberg & Aronberg, Injury Law Firm prioritize education and communication to provide the highest quality of legal representation.

Benefits of Meeting With an Accident Attorney

There is absolutely no risk to meeting with an attorney after a vehicle crash. The initial consultation is both confidential and free. If the injured party does not want to move forward with their case, they are not obligated to. However, they may learn valuable insight about how to best protect themselves moving forward. Florida is a very big state, and car accidents in South Florida may be subject to different legal processes than in Central or North Florida.

A lawyer also ensures their client understands their legal rights. For example, many people believe that having a pre-existing condition bars them from pursuing financial restitution after an accident. However, one unique aspect of auto accident claims in Florida is the eggshell plaintiff rule, which typically allows a plaintiff with a pre-existing injury to pursue legal action against someone whose reckless actions worsen this condition.

Beyond providing education, the role of a Delray Beach attorney during a car accident claim is to reduce a plaintiff’s stress. It can be challenging to physically recover from an accident while dealing with the challenges of affording medical treatment and negotiating with insurance companies. A legal professional is there to guide and support an injured party, helping them get back onto their feet while handling the phone calls and paperwork.

How an Attorney Works to Maximize Available Compensation

Contacting an attorney could be essential to getting full compensation in a personal injury claim. Insurance companies and defense lawyers are looking to protect their own interests and typically want to pay out as little as possible. In contrast, an accident attorney’s goals are aligned with the plaintiff, as they receive a percentage of the total outcome of their case. There are no fees until and unless we win the case.

After a car crash, our legal team could use all available evidence, including video surveillance, information from a vehicle, and witness testimonies, to get a clear picture of who is responsible. Our team, if needed, can also help our clients find physicians and medical facilities that are convenient to your home or work and are helpful in treating your injuries and getting you feeling better. A skilled attorney understands every client is unique and works to understand how an auto accident has specifically affected someone’s life to build the strongest possible claim on their behalf.

The Role of a Delray Beach Lawyer is to Support You Through Your Car Accident Claim

The role of an attorney in a Delray Beach car accident claim is to defend your rights, help you through this challenging time, and position you for the future. An experienced and professional lawyer at our firm is readily accessible by phone or e-mail to provide support whenever you need it throughout your case. Schedule a free consultation with a member of our team today.

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