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Aronberg & Aronberg takes great pride in offering outstanding service. Here are some testimonials from our clients.


I engaged David Aronberg for a case in which I tripped and sustained injuries. His advice and handling of the case was outstanding. Throughout the case his communication and empathy were fantastic. I was very pleased with the result. I would recommend this firm for any case involving injuries.


I am a proud client of Aronberg & Aronberg. From the initial phone call to the conclusion of my case, I never doubted that I was in very able, professional hands! The treatment and personal service that I received from everyone from the firm was top-notch. When it came to answering my phone calls or my emails- I literally never had to wait. I have used this firm twice in my life and I while I hope I never need an injury attorney again, if I do, I will never have to look any further than the team at Aronberg & Aronberg. I highly recommend!!


I am truly honored to be a recipient of the Road to Responsibilities Scholarship from Aronberg & Aronberg, Injury Law Firm! The entire process was handled seamlessly by David Aronberg. From the application to the final decision, every step was organized and efficient. Receiving this scholarship is not just a financial support but also a recognition of responsibility and commitment. I am grateful for this opportunity and would highly recommend Aronberg & Aronberg, Injury Law Firm to anyone seeking a supportive and professional environment.


David Aronberg and the team at Aronberg and Aronberg personal injury lawyers have been an absolute lifeline for me. When I was dealing with a challenging situation with my insurance company, they stepped in and worked tirelessly to secure a substantial settlement on my behalf. Their dedication, knowledge, and support were truly exceptional. I can't thank them enough for helping me through a tough time. Highly recommend their services!


I was involved in a terrible accident; which ended in needing medical attention. David Aronberg had represented me in my injury case. Aronberg law is professional, kind, and most importantly, extremely forthcoming with information and details on what to expect, the length it could be, and possible outcomes. There was not a moment I was not able to contact him or his paralegal team. I give him the highest recommendation and endorsement, also my deepest gratitude.

Teresa Craig

David did an amazing job and got me a settlement higher than I expected, he works hard and is so honest and communicative, highly recommend!

Marcus B.

I just wanted to thank Aronberg & Aronberg. From day one they were on my case. Anytime I called and asked a question my Lawyer David Aronberg, or my Case Manager Luanna was always there to help. It just felt right. They understood what I was going through, and they fought for me. If you’re thinking about a firm to choose from look no further. They treat you like family, and when you look at the zero’s on that check you’ll know you came to the right place. Thank you to everyone that worked on my case. I hear other law firms say they’re for the people. Well I can honestly say Aronberg & Aronberg are truly for the people. Don’t believe me just give them a call.

April T

Aronberg & Aronberg Law Firm was very professional & knowledgeable during our case, kept us updated every step of the way. I highly recommend this law firm!

Steve H

Very satisfied from start till finish. My daughter was hit by a car while riding a bike. I called the firm and left a message over the weekend and David called back the same day. His approach was, we take care of my daughter and he would handle everything else. We never dealt with any of the insurance companies and were able to just focus on my daughter's care. In the end she got the medical attention she needed without any hassles and received a larger settlement than expected. (BTW, most of our interaction was via email, it was perfect for us)

Nancy K

Mr. Aronberg is an outstanding attorney. Mr. Aronberg and his staff are professional, courteous, and compassionate. I was very fortunate to have an amazing team on my side. I am forever grateful for the incredible service I received and for the stunning result that was attained in my case. I will recommend Aronberg and Aronberg to all of my friends and family.

Andy K

David Aronberg was on top of my case from very, very beginning and kept me abreast of everything until the final resolution, which was very amenable to me. He is the best of the best!

Maria D

Very pleased with them because they really cared about my case and the professional service was amazing and fast. I will recommend them for everyone who has an accident like me. Thank you all for your help and time spent with me ! I really appreciate your service! The Doctors you sent me are also very nice! Thank you so much 😊 You’re wonderful!!! Couldn’t have done without you 🙏❤️

Steve W

My case was a small one, and all other law firms would not even bother to return my calls....but the Aronbergs . I was more than satisfied with the quick outcome and their help in my matter is greatly appreciated. I hope I never need an injury attorney again in the future, but if I do, it will certainly be Aronberg and Aronberg!

Susan C

So glad I chose this law office! David Aronberg and his staff were nothing but totally professional. David understood all the problems surrounding my case. He explained all aspects clearly, resolved the case within a timely fashion, and kept me informed at all times. I was totally satisfied and would recommend them highly!!!


This law firm is above board on every single level. From their inception to the conclusion of your legal issues.


From the moment David Aronberg picked up my case he was very hands on with a personal approach he took care of everything timely and efficently, and closed my case with the highest expections possible. Also, I never spoke with anyone in his office other then David himself.

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

5/5 in +500 reviews

Another Happy Client!!!

We are happy to announce the final resolution of a client’s fall case after 3 long years of work and litigation which included numerous depositions (including one taken of the client’s surgeon in New York), court appearances and a final Mediation that occurred just recently. The case started when our client fell in a parking lot in Delray Beach, Florida. The parking lot was not well maintained and the owner failed to repair a small pothole where debris had accumulated causing our client to fall. The fall caused a significant arm injury that required several surgeries to repair. After the client’s initial arm surgery failed to heal, she was forced to travel to a nationally renowned arm surgeon in New York City where she eventually underwent several additional procedures to get her arm to heal correctly. We sued several companies including the owner of the parking lot/retail center, the company responsible for sweeping the parking lot and the paving company who had done work on the parking lot before the fall incident. Over the course of 3 years, we were able to settle with the sweeping and the paving company. The remaining defendant – the owner of the parking lot fought us tooth and nail. They alleged that our client was solely responsible, that her injuries were not life altering (completely not true) and that a jury would not award her anything significant should she proceed to trial. Just recently, we were able to convince the insurance company for the owner of the parking lot to pay a large settlement to our client. She was extremely happy with the final settlement. She was also happy that we were able to get her so much money without having to go to a jury trial. Her happiness is evidenced by the wonderful gift basket she sent to our associate Aronberg & Aronberg. It is cases like this and happy clients like her that make our jobs satisfying. Way to go team!!!

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

Thank you David and Maxie for your professionalism and due diligence with my case. David was very compassionate and really listened to me. Maxie stayed on top of everything and was always in touch with me during this trying time. I was referred to him by my boss, and I would refer their firm to everyone.

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

5/5 in +500 reviews

Dulcia S

I highly recommend this law firm, David was amazing! very thorough, very knowledgeable. I was very happy with the results.

Papi B

Wonderful attorneys. The paralegal Maxi is always available and very helpful. They saw that I was not going to get very much money for my suit due to the fact that I did not receive very much treatment. What they did was drop me as a client so that I could keep All the money from my suit. So basically they did a lot of work and helped me get as much money as I could for my suit and took no money in return. Very very very very very professional could not speak higher of an attorney.

Micaela B

Such great communication from both lawyers, they assisted me every step of the way. Best of the best hands down, will be referring them to many people in the future. Thank you for settling my case!!!

Al B

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness The Aronberg Law firm was always there when I needed them with answers and followup. They always made me feel that my situation was important and not a bother . This is the Law Firm for me. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Juan C

The office of Aronberg and Aronberg took care of my case related to a car accident. Their professional staff brought my case to a satisfactory end. I will recommend this law office 100%.

David T

From the moment they started my case all the way to the finish line they delivered above and beyond service. They kept me informed, handled everything for me, and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend AAG to any and everybody in need of litigation assistance.

Christopher O

Professional and courteous staff. Would absolutely use their services if needed.


David was recommended to me by a close friend whose opinion I trust implicitly. They did not have experience in regards to his legal skills. Instead he was recommended not specifically as a lawyer but as a terrific person and parent. Basically, the type of person he was. They were 100% correct about him being a great person. And he turned out to be a great lawyer as well. I would heartily recommend David to anyone looking for legal counsel.

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

5/5 in +500 reviews


David Aronberg always takes the time to explain everything clearly, is very timely in answering e mails or phone calls, has reasonable knowledgeable answers to my questions, keeps me posted on what he is doing and what to expect as far as a timeline on my case. I am very satisfied with him and the calm dependable service he has provided at a traumatic time for me.

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

5/5 in +500 reviews

Gina H

Always available and just a great attorney and staff. On the ball and I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a good lawyer. Good lawyers are very hard to find. Thanks.

Jennie C

They made the process smooth, were realistic and honest throughout the whole process. They kept me well informed the whole way and were quick to answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend them.

Steve H

They did a great job, they help me from the first step to the final step..And to my surprise i received more than i though and it was finalized a lot faster...I WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU TO THE WHOLE TEAM!!!!!

Wendy G

Excellent service provided, recommend this office 100%.

M Stevens

I found the firm of Aronberg Aronberg and Green to be efficient, professional and accessible at any given time. My calls were answered promptly or returned promptly when I left a message. There was never a time when we I was unable to have a relevant conversation. Options were explained to me and I was given guidance as to have to move my case forward to a resolution which was satisfactory and fair. Special thanks to David Aronberg and Maxie Bryant for all the personalized attention!

Spencer A

Attorneys are very knowledgeable, very friendly and have a caring attitude. I definitely recommend them as very professional and sharp.

Nick F

Great firm! Helped me through a difficult time. Friendly and knowledgeable all around. Definitely recommend.

Robe G

My case was stress free from start to finish, and the service is professional and I would highly recommend.

Abem K

Very professional staff as well as informative. Explained the process and made sure that I and my wife understood each step of the process.

Michael S

Everything was great from start to finish! Aronberg, Aronberg & Green handled my case very well & kept me up to date on everything that was going on in a timely manner. I highly recommend this law firm!

Scott S

Aronberg, Aronberg & Green are true advocates, professionals and wonderful colleagues to work with. As a workers' compensation attorney I have had the pleasure of referring injured clients to the Aronberg firm for years. Each has come back to thank me for the incredible representation they received. I strongly recommend David and his team for all of your injury needs.

Chris C

the staff was fast efficient and communicative and I would definitely use them again if the need were ever to arise

Amanda S

Very professional, very nice, very caring. Got me a great settlement for my auto accident!

Kc C

Car accident? Injured? These attorneys will work FOR YOU

Phyllis F

Very professional, works with you step by step. Keeps you informed and they do deliver!!!

Johnson C

Professional, punctuality, and perseverance is what you'd expect from Aronberg, Aronberg & Green

Anthony G

Dave and his team work quickly and efficiently to get the client through an already stressful time. Very professional

Evghenii A

Very Professional. These guys keep you informed every step of the way.

Roosevel K

Absolutely great. I recommend this law firm to everyone.

Emily T

I've not only have had one but two great experiences with Aronberg, Aronberg and Green personal injury law firm. Both times they worked diligently showing me the utmost respect while working as fast as possible to get me the maximum money owed to me. The most recent time working with them, I actually left another lawyer's office because their team was so slow within the first 30 days that I knew I had no confidence in them to handle my case properly. Every time I followed up with the other lawyer's office, they didn't have an update. Once I made the switch to Aronberg, Aronberg, and Green I knew that all my concerns were out the window. They worked on my case like it was a priority. Followed up with whoever when they needed to if they didn't hear back. They communicated with me every step of the way to update me on the progress. I truly appreciate their work ethic and hard work. I highly recommend their office to anyone who has suffered a personal injury.


Had such a great experience dealing with Aronberg, Aronberg & Green, Injury Law Firm. They handled my case with professionalism and were very transparent with every little detail throughout the process of my case. I definitely recommend using this law team for any legal assistance you may have.

Robert S

I highly recommend this firm. Ethical, honest and conscientious.

Debra F

Excellent communication, very professional and great results.

David E

Very professional and knowledgeable attorneys.

Diane H

All I can say is thank you for seeing me through this and always being there.

Scott M

Consummate professionals and great follow up

Celeste M.

David really helped me out and I absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer!

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

5/5 in +500 reviews

Michele W.

I highly recommend David Aronberg and his team. They are extremely professional and very honest lawyers.

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

5/5 in +500 reviews

Keith C.

Great lawyers! David really took care of me and my case.

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

5/5 in +500 reviews

Melissa M.

Professional and caring attorneys. Highly recommend their services

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

5/5 in +500 reviews

Veronica F.

Yes I would recommend you as a great law firm. You helped me with a lawsuit several years ago and I was very pleased. Coincidental to the receipt of the email asking about a recommendation, I have another issue I would like to address and see if it is something you can help me with.

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

5/5 in +500 reviews

Venita A

AAG has the hardest working attorneys around. I fully trust in their expertise and knowledge. Should you need their services, do not hesitate to contact them.

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