Everything You Need To Know About Uber And Lyft Accidents

Sep. 26th, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

Uber and Lyft are ridesharing apps that connect people with vehicles in their areas. Using a mobile application, you can request a ride, pay for one and review the performance of your driver. However, there have been some problems with these apps. Drivers have reported being assaulted by passengers and slashed tires from driving too…

What Damages Can I Claim in an Uber Accident?

Jun. 28th, 2022   /   , /   By: Michael Kleinman

Ridesharing is offering a way to enhance the public commute from one place to another. People find it convenient to reach their destination without any hassle. But that does not mean, you will always be safe. Rideshare accidents(Uber) are making it hard to develop reliability in the rideshare companies. With the popularity of the rideshare…

Why You Should Seek an Uber or Lyft Accident Lawyer?

Jun. 13th, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

The rideshare industry is growing at a faster pace. People find the rideshare cab services convenient for the commute. With the use of an application and a few taps, you can get to your destination. Within a short span of time, you will find yourself at your destinations. People use rideshare cab services to reach…

Does Uber Have Insurance? What Happens If I’m In An Accident?

May. 9th, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

Rideshare accidents are increasing at an alarming rate. The popular ride share service providers are Uber and Lyft. People consider them best for providing convenient commute options at affordable rates. What happens if you are in a rideshare accident? Who will pay for the injuries and losses you sustained in the accident? Does Uber offer…

Who Can You Sue If You’re Injured In a Ride-Share Accident?

May. 2nd, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

Millions of people in the USA – Canada find ride-share services convenient and affordable. Everyone cannot own or use their car for daily commutes. For such people, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft offer the best way to commute. You can use rideshare services to reach your workplace, shopping mall, school area, and more. In…

Questions To Ask Your Uber And Lyft Accident Attorney

Apr. 18th, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

Uber and Lyft accidents are increasing over time. The accidents are devastating for the passengers and e drivers. Most often, people are not aware of the insurance policies and coverage. It makes the accident situation worst for them. People are suffering injuries and other expenses but cannot get compensation for it. Uber and Lyft rideshare…

Steps To Take In Case of A Rideshare Accident

Apr. 11th, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

Rideshare is an effective way to commute. Most often, people share the ride when they commute to their workplace, school, shopping mall, etc. An increasing number of people consider rideshare as an economical way of covering short distances without any hassle. With increasing popularity, the rate of rideshare accidents is on the rise. Being involved…

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