Who Can You Sue If You’re Injured In a Ride-Share Accident?

Who Can You Sue If You’re Injured In a Ride-Share Accident?

Millions of people in the USA – Canada find ride-share services convenient and affordable.

Everyone cannot own or use their car for daily commutes. For such people, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft offer the best way to commute. You can use rideshare services to reach your workplace, shopping mall, school area, and more. In simple words, your rideshare driver can take you everywhere in and around the city.

Although rideshares offer convenient services, they are the cause of accidents in the city. Every rider needs to know about the insurance policies while using the rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. Knowledge of accident insurance, personal injury insurance, and vehicle damage insurance will help you raise compensation claims. Besides, you get to know who can you sue if you get injured in a rideshare accident.

Why Choose Aronberg Law Firm For The Rideshare Accidental Cases?

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Usually, rideshare accidents are complex to understand and tackle on your own. You need the help of expert rideshare lawyers who can guide you through the process. Besides, they will help you file a lawsuit for personal injuries and raise a claim.

If you are in Florida and sustained injuries in a rideshare accident, consult the best law firm.

Aronberg Law Firm has a staff of professional lawyers. The lawyers have the expertise, skills, knowledge, and experience to handle rideshare accident cases.

Can You Sue The Uber Driver Of The Personal Injuries In The Rideshare Accident?

When you get injured in a rideshare accident, the first thing you think is filing a lawsuit against the faulty driver. You will doubt whether you can sue the Uber/Lyft driver for the accident. A simple answer to this is yes. If you sustain personal injuries in a rideshare accident as a passenger, you have the right to sue the driver. It should be covered by the driver’s insurance policy provided by the rideshare company (Uber/Lyft).

A passenger has full right to file a lawsuit against the driver for the rideshare accident. You will get the compensation for the personal injuries but, it will not come from the driver but from the rideshare company—Uber/Lyft.

What To Do When Another Driver Is At Fault?

There may be instances when the accident happens due to another and not the rideshare driver.

In such scenarios, you will file a claim to the insurance provider of another driver. If the at-fault driver has insurance coverage, you will get compensation for the personal injuries.

However, when the at-fault driver does not have any insurance policy or coverage, rideshare company—Uber will come into the picture. The Uber company has insurance coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists. The insurance coverage is approximately $1 million. The amount is provided to the injured party by Uber, even if the Uber driver is not at fault.

Can You File a Lawsuit After The Uber Accident?

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Yes, you can file a lawsuit for the Florida rideshare/ Uber accident against the Uber driver, Uber company, or another party who is involved in the collision.

The lawsuit will be filed against the party at fault. You need expert rideshare lawyers who can help you win the case. The lawyer will prove two crucial things to get the case in your favor.

First of all, they will ensure who is liable to pay the compensation for the personal injuries. In legal terms, you have to know who is responsible for the accident and injuries. Besides this, you will have to provide medical documents explaining your injuries and expenses.

Based on the document, you can claim for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, job loss, suffering, and more.The lawyers will investigate the entire case to demonstrate the carelessness of the party at fault. Therefore, they are financially and legally responsible for the rideshare accident.
Another crucial element you need to consider is to prove the rideshare accident is responsible for all your injuries.

If you fail to demonstrate the crucial factors, it becomes difficult to win the claim.


Consulting experienced rideshare lawyers of Aronberg will help you to win the case and get compensation for it. If you get injured in a Florida rideshare accident, Aronberg Law Firm lawyers will help you with the case.

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