How To File a Report with Uber or Lyft after an Accident

How To File a Report with Uber or Lyft after an Accident

The rideshare community is increasing at a rapid pace. Customers find their services convenient and easy to use. The people of the US prefer Uber and Lyft rideshare services to commute from one place to another. These ridesharing companies have brought a revolutionary change to the taxi system. But along with that, there is an increasing number of accidents on the road.

According to the statistics, 30 percent of road accidents are classified into the rideshare category.

Most often, the injured party does not have the knowledge to handle the rideshare accident cases. You might not be able to file a lawsuit against the driver at fault or get compensation.

You do not know how to file the report of the Uber/Lyft accident.

The injured party can be a pedestrian, a passenger of Uber, or a passenger in another vehicle.

Varying situations will have different ways of filing the report.

You must analyze your role in the accident.

Based on that, you have the right way to file the rideshare accident report.

It is where you can take the help of a professional rideshare accident attorney. They will be your guide throughout the process and get you rightful compensation for all the damages. The rideshare accident lawyers at Aronberg Law Firm will help you in the process of reporting the Uber/Lyft accident and maintain the statute of limitations in your state.

#1 Have Clarity Of The Rideshare Accident:

Rideshare Accident

You must ask a few questions before reporting the Uber/Lyft accident.

  1. How Should I Report The Accident With Uber or Lyft?
  2. Should I Report The Injuries to Uber or Lyft?
  3. Should I Call Uber or Lyft Authorities To Report The Accident?

#2 Filing The Rideshare Accident Report To Uber:

The first thing you should do after the rideshare accident is reported the incident to Uber. Besides, you will have to file a police report of the accident alongside. The police report is essential as the officers will get the evidence and statement of the witnesses. To report the accident to Uber, you can go to the Help section in the application. You will get the option for privacy, legal action, and others. Now you will get ‘Report Serious Accident Involving Driver And Vehicle. Provide all the details here and submit. If you are unable to use the app, give them a call. After reporting the accident, the Uber/Lyft insurance company will try to get in touch with you.

Lyft provides online services to report the accident. You can use the online system to file the accident claim under three categories –

  1. Collision Of Vehicle
  2. Collision With Statis Object.
  3. Accident Was Caused By Third Party.

You can select the most suitable option, fill in the details and submit.

#3 If You Are A Pedestrian And Hit By an Uber/Lyft Vehicle In The Accident:

professional lawyers

In such a situation, you do not have access to the phone number or mobile application.

You can give a call to the toll-free number available to everyone in the situation of an accident. Give a call to the authorities and report the accident.

The Uber/Lyft Insurance Company Will Reach Out To You:

After reporting the complaint with Uber/Lyft, the insurance company will have a significant role to play. Before getting in direct contact with their insurance company, you must hire a rideshare accident attorney. They will negotiate with the company officials on your behalf.

What If You Have To Communicate With The Insurance Company Without Your Lawyer?

Here are some essential points that you need to remember while negotiating for your compensation and personal injuries.

  1. Always get a copy of actual statements and accident reports before you start the conversation with the lawyers.
  2. You must have a copy of the medical reports, bills, and other damages. It will act as proof for the compensation claim.
  3. Do not make any official statement unless you have the support of your lawyer.

They can twist the statement and provide you with low compensation. The Aronberg Law Firm lawyers will explain to you the liability status of the Uber/Lyft drivers in the rideshare accident. The liability can be formulized on several factors.

If you are an injured party ( pedestrian or a passenger) in the accident, you will get insurance coverage.

  1. If the Uber/Lyft driver is at fault, the insurance coverage will be around $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident. If there is any property damage, you will get $25,000. (The coverage is subjected to change).
  2. If the at-fault driver is of another vehicle, you will get the liability of $1,000,000. It will also include property damage and personal injuries.


Whenever you find yourself stuck in a legal situation, call out to the professional lawyers of Aronberg Law Firm. They are always ready to understand your problems and help you.

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