Questions To Ask Your Uber And Lyft Accident Attorney

Questions To Ask Your Uber And Lyft Accident Attorney

Uber and Lyft accidents are increasing over time. The accidents are devastating for the passengers and e drivers. Most often, people are not aware of the insurance policies and coverage. It makes the accident situation worst for them. People are suffering injuries and other expenses but cannot get compensation for it. Uber and Lyft rideshare companies offer compensation in terms of accident insurance coverage. Having a detailed knowledge of the Uber and Lyft accidental cases and the policies that work for them.

If you are in Florida and involved in Uber/Lyft accidents, get in touch with the best accident attorney. You will find the best Uber and Lyft accident attorney with extensive experience and highly qualified. The Uber and Lyft accident attorney will look into your case and provide you guidance for it.

It becomes difficult to reach out to the Uber and Lyft accident attorney and know to get into direct conversations. You must know what questions to ask your Uber and Lyft accident attorney.

The answers you get from experienced lawyers will help you to understand the Florida laws for Uber/Lyft accidents and the insurance policies related to it. Moreover, you will get clarity of the scenarios which will make it easy for you to file the lawsuit. You can even raise a compensation claim for the medical expenses, ongoing medical treatment, future medical care, loss of monthly wages, job loss, and much more. So let us understand what questions you should ask your Uber/Lyft accident attorney.

#1 What Are The Legal Obligations and Rights In The Rideshare (Uber/Lyft) Accident?

The rideshare accident attorney will explain to you different scenarios in which rideshare accidents can occur. The different scenarios include:

  1. The active status of the driver:
  2. The accident occurs when the driver is along with the passenger in the car. In this case, the rideshare application is on.
  3. The pending request status of the rideshare application:
  4. In this scenario, the rideshare application is on but the passenger’s request is pending.
  5. The rideshare application is off: In this case, the rideshare application is off, and there is no passenger in the car.

These are the scenarios in which accidents can occur. The essential thing to note is whether the Uber/Lyft driver is at fault for the accident or not. The rideshare accident insurance policies will change based on the scenarios. The accident insurance policies are available for the driver as well as passengers. The rideshare accident attorney will explain to you all your rights and obligations. If you are not at fault and there is no violation of rights, you can ask for compensation.

#2 Will I Get The Compensation For Property Damages And Personal Injuries?

 Compensation For Personal Injuries

If you are not violating any right placed by the Uber/Lyft rideshare company, and are not at fault, you can raise a compensation claim. The compensation can be for property damages and personal injuries. The rideshare accident attorney will help you to file a claim for it. If you are at fault, there are chances you won’t be liable for any compensation.

#3 Do You Have Experience In Handling Rideshare Accidents?

It is an essential question to ask your Uber/Lyft accident attorney. If the attorney has extensive experience, it will be easy for you to communicate with them. The attorney will understand your situation and requirements. Based on the investigation of the case, the attorney will guide you. The professional will let you know whether you need to file a lawsuit or ask for compensation.

#4 What Accident Insurance Will Work In Rideshare Accidents?

Accident Insurance

  1. Usually, Uber/Lyft drivers get rideshare accident insurance from the company.
  2. Besides this, the drivers can have an auto accident insurance policy.
  3. Based on the different scenarios of the rideshare accident, the insurance policy will work.
  4. If the rideshare application is on, the rideshare accident insurance policy will be liable.
  5. If not, your auto accident insurance policy will be liable.

#5 What Is The fees For Rideshare Accident Case Handling?

You must get to know about the fee structure of the rideshare accident attorney. The fees may change based on the experience and expertise of the attorney. Besides, the complexity level of the rideshare accident will define the fee structure.


Seeking legal help from a rideshare accident attorney is essential. The professional lawyers will explain all the rights, legal obligations, and accident insurance policies to you. Based on the accident scenario, the rideshare accident attorney will help you file a lawsuit or ask for a compensation claim.

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