Philadelphia building collapse

Jun. 10th, 2013   /   , /   By: David Aronberg

  On June 5th, at the corner of Market St. and 22nd St. in center-city Philadelphia, a four-story building, in the process of demolition, collapsed prematurely and unexpectedly over an adjacent thrift shop, wreaking havoc on those inside and the community at large. At the time of this blog writing, a total of six individuals…

P.I. Pulse: Drug and Tech Corporations Forced to Pay for Wrongdoing and Negligence

Jun. 3rd, 2013   /   , , /   By: David Aronberg

In this blog, we’re going to be talking about a few drug corporations, and perhaps the most popular technology company around right now, that were forced to settle cases in which they were accused of various forms of wrongdoing. These settlements should serve as poignant reminders that when people are harmed – whether they are…

P.I. Pulse: a Verdict Against Yamaha and a Reminder on “Dog Bite” Liability

May. 29th, 2013   /   , , , /   By: David Aronberg

Let’s start with the former: a case in which a woman from Pensacola, Florida, filed a lawsuit against the mega corporation Yamaha Motor Co. following an accident that she claims was caused by the faulty vehicle. Per her account, she was driving her 660 UTV Rhino when she went to make a simple right-hand turn;…

Greeting Summer in a Responsible Way

May. 23rd, 2013   /   , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

  While summer won’t officially commence until June 21st, it sure feels like summer down here in the sunshine state! Though we are blessed with beautiful weather all year long, the summer months in South Florida comprise a time when we especially appreciate methods of cooling off, such as taking a swim.  Swimming anywhere—in an…

Reasons to Hire an Attorney after an Auto Accident

May. 17th, 2013   /   , , , , , , , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

So, you’re on your way home from work when somebody behind you, distracted by their cell phone, slams into the back of your car. You step out, back aching, and look over the damage. This seems pretty straight-forward. The guy who hit you is clearly at fault. So all you have to do is get…

Stricter D.U.I. Laws may be on the Horizon

May. 15th, 2013   /   , /   By: David Aronberg

  DUI Laws going to be stricter. On Tuesday, May 14th, officials at the federal National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) made an informed declaration and suggestion regarding the benchmark for what should determine what counts as driving under the influence of alcohol (more informally known as D.U.I.).  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,…

411: Damages in a Wrongful Death Case

May. 9th, 2013   /   , , , , , , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

  “Wrongful death” sounds like an odd – redundant – phrase to most people (and with good reason). Why qualify the word “death” with a variant of the word “wrong?” Isn’t death always “wrong” in one way or another? Well, in the realm of the legal system, a “wrongful death” case is an instance in…

411: Legitimate vs. Illegitimate Lawsuits

May. 7th, 2013   /   , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

  Lawyers as a class are the recipients of a disproportionate amount of unfavorable commentary. We are the subjects of countless jokes and derogatory phrases and we are constantly being referred to as people who try to make a buck off someone else’s misery. Our type of law in particular, personal injury, always seems to…

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