Important to have Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Suppose you or someone you know is driving home from work on I-95. The highway is busy, the car in front of you is barely doing 45 mph and the cars to the left and right of you are zipping by at over 100 mph. Frustrations begin to boil in your stomach. You’re exhausted, you’re late to pick up the kids and someone still needs to walk the dog.

All of a sudden, SMACK!! A car came completely out of left field and tried to merge right into you. Instinctively you both pull over. Your hands are shaking and your heart is beating so fast. Your neck is pulsating with pain and the world’s biggest migraine is sweeping over your brain like a black rain cloud. You manage to get out of the car only to look and see that the side of your car is completely smashed in. You obviously are not the one at fault so the other guy’s insurance will clearly cover the cost of both having your car repaired and allowing a doctor to prescribe something for the pain in your neck that is now intensifying so that you may only turn your head slightly left. But wait, the driver of the other car does not have insurance, nor does he personally have the funds to cover the cost of fixing your car. O boy, what to do? Luckily, not only are you insured with all the normal trimmings but you also thought to purchase an insurance policy for what is called “uninsured motorists.” All of those pesky monthly insurance payments are finally going to pay off. Your insurance, under your uninsured motorist clause, will now cover you.

Let’s even say that the other driver did not have the courtesy to pull over after they so clearly smashed into you. Now there is no one to even put at blame and in thirty seconds you have just fallen victim to a “hit and run.” Have no fear because under the uninsured motorist clause you are still insured against a hit and run.

Last week, 78 year old Maria Strauss was crossing the street on her way to visit her grandchildren. She was just reaching the sidewalk when a speeding car ran right into her. She was killed instantly and the driver continued to speed away. Detective Rodriguez was assigned to the case and is trying to find the driver of the vehicle that hit her but has so far been unsuccessful. “Everything is in the hands of the public,” Rodriguez said. “Without their help, it’s gonna be hard to find this guy.” If Detective Rodriguez is unable to find the driver, the family’s only chance at compensation will be Maria Strauss’ uninsured motorist insurance.

In some states like Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland and New York uninsured motorist insurance is required, in Florida however that is not the case. When one chooses insurance policies they should always remember the importance of the uninsured motorist clause. Although you may be the safest of drivers, accidents do happen and one can never account for the other drivers on the road. So please think long and hard before you reject uninsured motorist coverage – it is probably the most important coverage to have on your auto insurance policy.

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