Florida Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are usually terrible and, sometimes, catastrophic for the motorcycle rider. Our office has handled many accidents involving motorcycles and have become well versed in handling these cases. Insurance companies respond differently to motorcycle accident victims when you have a lawyer. Our experienced Delray Beach, Florida motorcycle accident attorneys understand insurance companies and know how to deal with claims adjusters.

In approximately 75% of these accidents, another vehicle is involved. Most of the time, the motorcyclist is injured. Although motorcycles represent only about 2% of all registered vehicles in the United States, 5% of fatalities involve motorcycles accidents. While those in cars and trucks have the protection of a steel enclosure, airbags, and seat belts, bikers have almost no protection at all.

Cars have stability on the highway by virtue of weight and of having four wheels. Motorcycles are smaller, lighter, have only two wheels, and are therefore vulnerable. Motorcyclists are three times more likely to suffer injury or death when a collision occurs than those riding in cars.

A motorcycle accident usually involves ejection of the driver from the bike, so injuries are almost always more serious, regardless of the severity of the accident. Over 80% of motorcycle accident catastrophes cause injury or death to the cyclist, and injuries can be catastrophic, involving considerable medical care and lengthy rehabilitation.

Even minor motorcycle accidents can result in serious injury requiring long-term care. Recovery can take months or even years. 18% of the victims sustain head injuries that can cause permanent brain damage. 10% of victims suffer spine or back injuries that result in permanent paraplegia or quadriplegia. Furthering the problem, here in Florida, motorcycle riders are NOT required to wear helmets!!!

Collisions caused by negligence occur when a car driver fails to yield the right of way to a motorcycle. Many of these accidents are not the motorcyclist’s fault and result from a motorist’s failure to see the motorcycle.

Another negative for the motorcyclist is the fact that many times the Police reports can be unfair to motorcycle riders, failing to present all the facts in a case. There are also people on juries who perceive bikers negatively and allow this prejudice to color their judgments in court. The way your case is managed and presented will have an effect with the amount of compensation you receive. Working with an experienced Delray Beach, Florida motorcycle accident injury attorney is a good way to increase your chances of receiving the full amount of compensation you are entitled to by law.

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