Tips on Baby Proofing Your House

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Tips on Baby Proofing Your House

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Baby proofing or childproofing is an important step to ensure that your baby is safe at home. This means that he or she will be out of harm’s way even if your full attention isn’t on her.

Before you get started, it is advisable that you think about how your baby moves. Babies crawl at first and slowly start to learn how to walk. They are also very short and always curious about a lot of things. Once their curiosity is piqued, they would start making contact with their object of interest. Having said this, you already know the basic things you have to do – secure any falling object, hide or keep hazardous and breakable objects out of reach, and cover up all the sharp ends and electric outlets.

Baby Proofing The House 101

While these are already helpful in having a safer home for babies, here are a few tips on how to do them properly in certain areas of your home.

Baby Proofing the Living Room

baby proofing the living room

One of the things you have to secure is the television set. If it is mounted to a wall, make sure that it is secured and put up high enough out of children’s reach. If it is on a stand, the stand should be strong enough to hold the TV so that it doesn’t tip over easily. It should also be pushed to the far back of the table where it is placed. It is also important to secure an anchor to the TV attaching it to the wall. This prevents the TV from falling forward off the stand.

For wires, they shouldn’t be seen as much as possible. If they aren’t used, you can tie them up and put them away or just put them close the appliance that you are not using. As for sockets, you have to put plastic covers on them so that your child doesn’t get electrocuted. It also keeps them from directly touching the outlets.

Aside from those, you have to protect your baby from bumping into the sharp corners of tables, cabinets, and chairs. This prevents them from bruising and having swellings on the body parts that might hit the corners. Put corner guards in every imaginable edge of a piece of furniture.

Special attention should also be given to shelving. Babies love to climb and shelves can act like a ladder for a baby. Any other furniture pieces that may topple over should be secured to the wall using an anchor. You should also give consideration to the items displayed on the shelf. Glass vases or picture frames are a common hazard.

Baby Proofing the Kitchen

baby proofing the kitchen

The kitchen is where you are often too busy to notice your baby. There are also a couple of electrical appliances here that require baby proofing.

An example would be your stove.  If it is a gas stove and an LPG tank is used, the cabinet containing it should be locked.

For cabinets that are low enough for your baby to reach, the items that are stored there should be containers, tumblers, pots, and pans. Avoid putting any cleaning materials there and glassware. Put the cleaning materials on a high shelf as well as the glassware. You should also purchase cabinet locks that make it difficult for your baby to open the cabinet doors.

You should also secure the trash bin. There are times when your child might be curious as to what the trash can contains so make sure that they cannot access its contents. Have a child-friendly lock or cover it with a lid that is too heavy for them to lift. You can also just put this outside of the house or in a locked cabinet.

Sectioning Off Areas of the Home

The less room your babies have to wander around the better. Consider installing baby gates to keep babies in confined to”baby safe” areas. This also makes it easier to keep an eye on them. Special attention should be paid to stairs, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other areas of your home where there may be hazards. Finally, it is important to make sure your baby does not get out of the house without your knowledge. You should get in the habit of locking all doors and windows. It is advisable to install a security system which beeps when an exterior door or window is opened.

Here is a baby proofing CHECKLIST for your home you may follow as well.

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