Auto Accident Settles for $700,000.00

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Auto Accident Settles for $700,000.00

Allstate agreed to pay our client $700,000.00 to settle an auto accident case just days before the scheduled trial.  Thankfully, our client trusted us to decline the initial pre-suit settlement offer of $200,000.00 and go to court.

“We proved to Allstate that our settlement demands were no bluff.” said litigating attorney Seth Green.

This case dates back to 2015 when our client’s blue Ford Five sedan was side-swiped, and nearly run-over, by the Defendant’s white Ford F-350 extended cab pickup truck. The deposition testimony revealed the Defendant was traveling northbound on Hagen Ranch Rd. in the center lane. He attempted to make a wide right turn into a gas station parking lot. During the wide turn, he struck our client’s vehicle which was traveling in the right turning lane between the Defendant’s truck and the gas station. The Defendant argued that our client was partially responsible for the crash because she was speeding and crept into his blind spot just moments before the crash.

Our Auto Accident Low-Ball Settlement Response

In response, our law firm hired a crash reconstruction expert who dissected the testimony and circumstantial evidence. Together, we went to the scene of the crash and performed testing with comparable vehicles to re-create the accident. The expert then took the data back to his office and concluded the following:

(1) The Defendant was the one who was speeding which explained his need for an unusually wide turn, and

(2) Our client’s vehicle was not fast enough to accelerate into the Defendant’s blind spot in the manner described by the Defendant.

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Proving At-Fault in The Auto Accident

After clearing who was at fault for the crash, our next step was proving our client sustained permanent and serious injuries as a result of the crash. From the outside, our client looked relatively healthy following the crash. There were no bleeding, obvious bruising or broken bones. However, she continued to struggle with neck and shoulder pain for quite some time. Throughout the course of our client’s recovery, we assisted her in setting up doctor appointments and obtaining the proper care she needed to (1) get better and (2) properly document her injuries. She eventually obtained a series of MRIs which revealed herniated disk in her neck and a ligament tear in her shoulder—both of which required surgery. Our client’s treating physicians were able to relate the medical treatment to the crash and give us cost estimates for our client’s life-long medical treatment.

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