Another Happy Client!!!

Feb. 6th, 2017   /   Results

Another Happy Client!!!

We are happy to announce the final resolution of a client’s fall case after 3 long years of work and litigation which included numerous depositions (including one taken of the client’s surgeon in New York), court appearances and a final Mediation that occurred just recently.

The case started when our client fell in a parking lot in Delray Beach, Florida. The parking lot was not well maintained and the owner failed to repair a small pothole where debris had accumulated causing our client to fall. The fall caused a significant arm injury that required several surgeries to repair. After the client’s initial arm surgery failed to heal, she was forced to travel to a nationally renowned arm surgeon in New York City where she eventually underwent several additional procedures to get her arm to heal correctly.

We sued several companies including the owner of the parking lot/retail center, the company responsible for sweeping the parking lot and the paving company who had done work on the parking lot before the fall incident.

Over the course of 3 years, we were able to settle with the sweeping and the paving company. The remaining defendant – the owner of the parking lot fought us tooth and nail. They alleged that our client was solely responsible, that her injuries were not life altering (completely not true) and that a jury would not award her anything significant should she proceed to trial.

Just recently, we were able to convince the insurance company for the owner of the parking lot to pay a large settlement to our client. She was extremely happy with the final settlement. She was also happy that we were able to get her so much money without having to go to a jury trial. Her happiness is evidenced by the wonderful gift basket she sent to our associate Seth Green.

It is cases like this and happy clients like her that make our jobs satisfying. Way to go team!!!

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