What to do after an accident?

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What to do after an accident?

7 Things To Do After An Accident

accident attorney Aronberg, Aronberg and GreenDocument your injuries: Any bruising, cuts or abrasions should be photographed. You should seek medical treatment as soon as it’s practical after an accident. This serves two purposes: (1) allows you to obtain a medical help and (2) provides evidence that your injuries are related to the accident. If you need a doctor recommendation, we would be happy to assist.

Document the accident scene: Take photos of the accident scene. If you were involved in a car accident get photos of the vehicles involved, debris and conditions of the roadway. For other types of accidents, be sure to photograph the hazardous condition causing your injury. The tow truck will then drop your car at a repair center.

Obtain Witness Information: Get the name and phone number of all parties who may have witnessed the accident.

Report Accident: Call 911 if you are injured or involved in a car accident with property damage. For other types of accidents, report the incident to the property manager where the accident occurred.

Exchange Insurance Information: Get the name, phone number and insurance information from the party who caused the accident.

Contact Experienced Personal Injury Attorney: Let an experienced attorney guide you through the claims and reporting process following your accident.

Things to avoid following an accident:

  • Don’t admit fault.
  • Don’t provide a recorded statement to anyone without first consulting your attorney.
  • Don’t post on social media.
  • Don’t delay medical treatment.
  • Don’t accept a small, quick settlement without truly understanding your injuries.
  • Don’t hire an attorney who solicits you. It is unethical and illegal. Reputable attorneys don’t solicit clients.

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