Justice in Facing Governmental Immunity

Feb. 28th, 2018   /   , , , , , /   By: Seth Green

Sovereign immunity is not a common term most people come across. However, everyone should know what this means and how it could apply to them. Simply put, sovereign immunity means that the state, and their agencies, are protected from negligence lawsuits and injury claims. You might have the feeling that this immunity allows the government…

New Apple iOS Update Includes Driving Safety Feature

Sep. 18th, 2017   /   , , /   By: David Aronberg

Would it surprise you to hear that texting and driving is dangerous? As our personal injury lawyers at Aronberg, Aronberg & Green know, probably not. Distracted driving—including texting while driving—is a serious problem in Florida, the United States, and globally; unfortunately, there is no easy fix to the serious problem. Fortunately, though, some companies—and a…

Solar Lighting and Premises Liability

Sep. 6th, 2017   /   , , /   By: Seth Green

The Delray Beach, Florida Personal Injury Attorneys at Aronberg, Aronberg & Green, Injury Law Firm are well educated on the dangers of darkness and premises liability. It is not uncommon for a property owner to find themselves a defendant in a lawsuit as a result of inadequate lighting. Premises Liability and How To Protect Yourself…

Do Not Disable These Important Auto Safety Features!

Sep. 5th, 2017   /   , /   By: David Aronberg

As our personal injury lawyers at Aronberg, Aronberg & Green know, every year, the available safety technology in cars and SUVs gets better and better. From the standardization of backup cameras and motion sensors to lane departure warnings and blind spot detectors, safety fixtures in modern cars are preventing accidents, avoiding injuries, and saving lives….

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Oct. 21st, 2016   /   , , , , , , , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

If you’ve been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, you may need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you navigate your personal injury case and obtain a fair and reasonable settlement or file a lawsuit on your behalf. But where and how do you find a personal injury lawyer you can trust? How…

Front crash prevention technology reduces rear-end crashes

Sep. 29th, 2016   /   , , /   By: David Aronberg

Springfield News Leader 09/29/2016 – Page A09 Vehicles equipped with front crash prevention are much less likely to rear-end other vehicles, IIHS has found in the first study of the feature’s effectiveness using U.S. police reported crash data. Systems with automatic braking reduce rear-end crashes by about 40% on average, while forward collision warning alone…

Car Dash Cam – Good or Bad Idea?

Sep. 19th, 2016   /   , , /   By: David Aronberg

As many of you know, our law firm specializes in handling motor vehicle accidents. We have handled accident cases for the past 20 plus years. Over that time span we have seen a few car crash cases where one of the people involved in the crash had a dash camera set up to video what…

Computer Technology Tips

Jan. 6th, 2016   /   , /   By: David Aronberg

Every so often we like to get off “lawyer” topics and discuss computer technology. As we all know, everything in the world is advancing. From the tools doctors use to the cars we drive, to how we use computers. In an ever-advancing technology world, it’s critical that we keep up with the technology so that…

Aronberg, Aronberg & Green launch new IPhone/Android Accident APP!!

Oct. 23rd, 2015   /   , , , , , , , , , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

Apple Users Click here to download APP Android Users Click here to download APP Our law firm is happy to announce the development of a new Auto Accident APP for Apple and Android users. We hope that you find the APP easy to use and helpful should you ever need it. As always, please feel…

Do I have a Personal Injury Case?

Oct. 23rd, 2015   /   , , , , , , , , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

In my 19 year career as a lawyer spent entirely on handling personal injury cases, I cannot tell you how many times I have received a call with the caller simply asking, “Do I have a case?”. This is not an easy question to answer and one in which many factors come into play. In…

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