Event Sponsorship and Liability

Jul. 19th, 2011   /   , , , , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

There is a distinction between sponsoring an event and incurring liability for that event. If you are visiting a sporting event or any other type of amusement, then you are entitled to be placed in a reasonably safe condition and environment. This condition should minimize or prevent anyone from suffering a foreseeable accident or injury….

Red Hot and Boom Accident

Jul. 15th, 2011   /   , , , /   By: David Aronberg

Updating our post yesterday, we received some phone calls giving us information about the Red Hot and Boom incident in which our client was struck and killed by a motor vehicle on July 3rd, 2011. We appreciate the help of the public in this matter, as we move closer to figuring out exactly what happened…

Trial Touch for iPad

Jul. 15th, 2011   /   , , /   By: David Aronberg

Our law office enjoys keeping up with the technological changes that occur almost on a daily basis. We now will take an in depth look into a new and unbelievably intricate product that just hit the market for Apple iPad’s, “Trial Touch”. Tailored to trial lawyers, Trial Touch, created by DK Global, provides a beautiful…

Red Hot and Boom Accident Altamonte Springs Florida

Jul. 14th, 2011   /   , , , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

The Law Offices of Aronberg and Aronberg have been retained to represent the family of a man who unfortunately passed away after being struck by a motor vehicle crossing a street as a pedestrian. Red Hot and Boom is a fireworks show that goes on every year in Altamonte Springs, Florida. With a reported 200,000…

Casey Anthony Verdict

Jul. 6th, 2011   /   , , /   By: David Aronberg

At around 2:15 yesterday afternoon, a jury returned a verdict that caused many Americans to drop their jaws in disbelief. More importantly, the verdict has forced the issue as to whether or not the criminal justice system we have in place is appropriate and effective. Reminiscent of the OJ Simpson trial, Casey Anthony stood in…

Annuities – Good? Bad?

Jul. 1st, 2011   /   , /   By: David Aronberg

We all want to know that our money is safe, accruing interest, and that we can have access to it whenever we want it. Since investing in the stock market can be volatile, people have started investing their money in annuities. In Florida, companies took in some $20 billion in annuity premiums in 2009. Only…

Improving Your Google Searching

Jun. 28th, 2011   /   , , , , , , , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

The evolution of the internet has provided us with the ability to obtain the answer to any and all relevant, or even irrelevant questions that we may have. If you want to know something, you can find out using a verb that didn’t exist a decade ago. You say, “‘I’ll Google it.” Arguments based on…

Hot Coffee – HBO Documentary TONIGHT!

Jun. 27th, 2011   /   , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

Although there have been a tremendous amount of personal injury suits in the past few decades, one case seems to stick out in everyone’s mind and is described as a “landmark case,” because of its media popularity and the current and future legal implications that the case holds. The infamous 1992 Liebeck vs McDonald’s case…

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