$355,000 Auto Accident Settlement

Oct. 4th, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

The Law Offices of Aronberg, Aronberg & Green recently settled a car accident case for $355,000. We resolved the claim in 9 months. The underlying facts involved a negligent driver running a red light and colliding with our client’s vehicle. Our client broke his arm and was rushed to the hospital. Surgery followed the next…

Everything You Need To Know About Uber And Lyft Accidents

Sep. 26th, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

Uber and Lyft are ridesharing apps that connect people with vehicles in their areas. Using a mobile application, you can request a ride, pay for one and review the performance of your driver. However, there have been some problems with these apps. Drivers have reported being assaulted by passengers and slashed tires from driving too…

10 Things to Know About Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring

Sep. 12th, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

Serious injuries can be life-changing. They limit one’s ability, require expensive treatment, and affect professional and personal relationships. For these reasons, it is necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer. Doing so will ensure you get the most out of your trial award or settlement. However, you must know some things about a personal injury…

$350,000 Slip & Fall Wet Paint

Sep. 10th, 2022   /   /   By: Seth Green

Our client slipped when he stepped onto a parking lot covered with wet sealcoat due to an ongoing maintenance project. The sealcoat blended in with the pavement. The property owner closed the parking lot by posting signs on the main entrances/exists to the parking lot. However, the property owner forgot to block off the back…

Why Should You Hire Car Accident Attorney?

Aug. 22nd, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

The moments that follow a car accident can be overwhelming, painful, and confusing. The accident could leave you with physical and mental injuries. With these, you may not have answers on the next step of action. One thing that can help in this case is to hire a car accident attorney. Why Should You Hire…

How To Handle Hit-And-Run Accident Cases?

Aug. 8th, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

Being involved in a car accident can be traumatic and stressful especially if it is a hit-and-run case. The other person involved in this case often flee the scene for several reasons. This happens often, and your safety and that of everyone should be your priority. Although difficult, try to keep calm. What Is a…

Florida Boating Accidents Cause Lasting Damage

Aug. 1st, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

Boating is a fun way of living life in Florida. There are people always gathered at several boating sites in the city to enjoy the sport. However, the rise in this leisure activity has led to an increase in boating accidents. Some of these accidents lead to lasting damage on several occasions. To prevent this,…

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident

Jul. 25th, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

Fleeing at the scene of a collision with pedestrians or another car is an offense. It attracts a fine, other penalties, and even prison terms. An accident becomes a hit-and-run if a driver leaves the collision scene without offering assistance to others involved in the mishap. The offending driver may intentionally cause the accident and…

What to Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Negligence

Jul. 18th, 2022   /   /   By: Michael Kleinman

People expect nursing homes to provide quality care for older relatives placed in such facilities. However, you may feel betrayed if a nursing home you entrusted with the care of a loved one is neglecting your relative. When you notice any signs of negligence or mistreatment in a care facility, don’t allow it to continue….

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