Florida Boating Accidents Cause Lasting Damage

Florida Boating Accidents Cause Lasting Damage

Boating is a fun way of living life in Florida. There are people always gathered at several boating sites in the city to enjoy the sport. However, the rise in this leisure activity has led to an increase in boating accidents. Some of these accidents lead to lasting damage on several occasions. To prevent this, experts recommend you take caution when out boating.

Florida Boating Accidents Cause Lasting Damage

Florida Boating Accidents Cause

There can be a severe accidents during boating even though people find it to be a fun sport to do in Florida. Some of these accidents can cause lasting damage, making it difficult for victims to get back to their normal selves. Nevertheless, you must take the right steps if you find others or yourself in a boating accident.

Below are some of the lasting damages being in a boating accident can cause, which may even be deadly in some cases.

  • Traumatic brain injury

You may face a sudden jerk on your body or head in a boating accident. It is often in form of a violent blow. This jerk can cause sudden pressure on your brain. This happens as your skull is damaged. In some cases, nearby objects can cause penetration in the head. This does not only cause damage to the brain but to the brain tissues as well.

Injuries as a result take a while to recover from. It can also lead to impairment. Additionally, these traumatic injuries can cause diffuse axonal injury, coup-contrecoup injury, and many others.

  • Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries

Brain injuries are not the only ones that happen after boating accidents. Boating accidents can also cause severe spinal cord injuries. Injuries to the spinal cord can cause several other problems with some long-term effects.

If your spinal cord gets damaged during a boat accident, it will impact the supporting tissues and the nerves. Due to this impact, there will be issues with the functionalities of your body as well as its overall strength.

  • Anoxic brain injuries

Anoxic is another type of brain injury you may suffer due to boating accidents. Your brain will not get sufficient oxygen when it happens. You will experience some problems when your brain cells are not getting enough oxygen.

This as a result can affect your ability to handle relationships, work, and many other aspects of your life. Aside from these injuries, you may also suffer from skin infection, bone fractures, burns, lung infection, and drowning when involved in a boating accident.

Causes Of Boating Accidents in Florida

Along with learning about the lasting damages of boating accidents and the action to take, it is also important to know the main causes of Florida boating accidents. Being aware of the causes may help you avoid being a victim.

The common cause of boating injuries in Florida may include:

Swamping and flooding

Your boat can sink as a result of swamping and flooding. The least you can do in this situation is to pump the water out of your boat. This will help ensure that you do not sustain damage or injury if it is swamps or floods.

Swamping and flooding happen because of various reasons. One of the reasons is the heavy rains in Florida. These rains can cause boats to swamp and flood when a storm passes through. It is recommended that you avoid using your boat or stay abreast of the weather if there are storms predicted.

There is also the possibility of a boat swamped in heavy waters. Sometimes, winds and tides can create waves that are large enough to swamp and sink larger boats. The wave from another boat nearby can cause waves big enough to also swamp your boat. For this reason, ensure that you stay a good distance away from vessels on the water.

Collision with fixed objects

Colliding with a fixed object is a common cause of boating injuries. In this case, fixed objects include natural and manufactured items such as submerged rocks or trees, buoys, docks and piers, bridges, and so on.

Nevertheless, you must be aware that cases of groundings are not included in these collisions. Groundings are different from collisions when it comes to boating accidents.

Improper forward watch

A lack of forwarding watch by the boat’s operator is often the cause of most collisions The driver of a boat must at all times scan forward for anything that can potentially cross the path of the boat. Doing this will help prevent the risk of an accident.

Striking an object even when trolling or drifting can send a passenger overboard and cause catastrophic damages.


Capsizing is perhaps the leading cause of fatalities in Florida boating accidents. This type of boating accident occurs in the twilight when alcohol and light conditions may induce poor judgment.

There is also the risk of smaller vessels capsizing when anchored from the rear. This is because smaller vessels are built to cut through waves bow first. A sudden rogue wave or gushing swell that impacts the stern or rear of the boat can cause instant swamping, causing the boat to capsize.

Man overboard

A boater can be sent overboard due to choppy waters, rough weather, or abrupt maneuvering. For instance, the momentum shifts at which a powerboat can turn can eject an occupant that is not securely seated.

The boom of sail always swings across the deck when a sailboat turns, changing the position of the wind. This can knock a passenger into the water and at the same time cause significant trauma.


Florida boating accidents can cause lasting injuries. You can avoid these accidents by understanding the cause of boating accidents. Additionally, you should reach out to a boating accident lawyer in Florida if you suffer injuries due to boating accidents. They will analyze the situation and provide you with the help that you might need.

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