P.I. Pulse: Report Shows Over 40% of Teens Text While Driving

Jul. 2nd, 2014   /   , /   By: David Aronberg

Our experienced personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Aronberg, Aronberg & Green represent individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of others, whether or not that negligence occurs on a construction site, in a supermarket or – as is most often the case – on the roadway. Many drivers, often while…

Fourth of July: Beware of Drunk Drivers

Jun. 30th, 2014   /   , /   By: David Aronberg

This Fourth of July weekend, Americans will come together with friends, food and drinks to commemorate our nation’s independence. Unfortunately, as our personal injury lawyers know, with celebration inevitably comes the risk of injury. Moreover, the risk of injury on the roads, streets and highways of our country increase exponentially when the Fourth of July…

Aronberg, Aronberg & Green Celebrates 15 Years of Representing Injured Individuals

Jun. 27th, 2014   /   , , , , , , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

This year, the Law Offices of Aronberg, Aronberg & Green are proud to be celebrating our 15th year in business! We opened our doors as a family-operated, client-focused law firm back in June 1999, and we remain family-owned and operated today. It has been our honor to continue representing injured individuals in a personal, caring…

The Dangers of Tanning Salons

Jun. 23rd, 2014   /   , , /   By: David Aronberg

Tanning salons can be seemingly useful in many circumstances, especially to those who don’t live in sunny states like Florida. If you live in New York and want to look a bit tanner for your wedding in November, you can disregard the chilly temperatures and head to the tanning salon. Unfortunately, the more you visit…

Bicycle Injury Ends with Victory!!!

Jun. 20th, 2014   /   , , , , , , /   By: David Aronberg

Back in 2011, a woman was riding her bicycle on Broad Street in Philadelphia, when she suddenly became the victim of a terrible bicycle accident. The woman, then a student at Temple University, was struck by the door of a parked Honda Accord; then, she was struck from behind and run over by a van….

Low-Impact Collisions Can Cause Serious Injuries – Even Insurance Companies Agree!

Jun. 16th, 2014   /   , /   By: David Aronberg

We’ve written at length on this blog about the surprising extent to which low-speed and low-impact auto crashes can cause serious injuries to the drivers inside. Despite the fact that, from the outside, a car might not seem to have incurred serious damage, the passengers inside can be left badly wounded and permanently injured due…

“Stand Your Ground” and Personal Injury Cases

Jun. 12th, 2014   /   , /   By: David Aronberg

Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” rule is the controversial and headline-grabbing law that has raised voices and inspired protests all around the country, most notably in the wake of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teen gunned down by a man claiming to have shot in self-defense. Indeed, as outlined in Chapter 776 of…

Pedestrians Face Dangerous Car-Centric Cities

Jun. 9th, 2014   /   , , /   By: David Aronberg

Our experienced personal injury attorneys represent individuals who have been injured by the negligence of others; more often than not, our clients sustain injuries from auto accidents caused by the recklessness of others. While our clients are frequently harmed as travelers (or drivers) in a motor vehicle that was hit by the negligent driver, sometimes…

P.I. Pulse: Family Claims Birth Control Device Caused Daughter’s Death

Jun. 5th, 2014   /   , , /   By: David Aronberg

Birth control pills are supposed to prevent unplanned pregnancies and bring stability to the female body; unfortunately, some forms of birth control can yield a far graver consequence: death. Erika Langhart was 24 years old when she died in 2011 of a pulmonary embolism, an often-fatal complication during which arteries in the lungs become blocked….

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