What Can a Delray Beach Car Accident Lawyer Do For You?

What Can a Delray Beach Car Accident Lawyer Do For You?

A car accident can damage your car or cause you injury, or it could be the other way around.Whether you are the injured party or you are the accused, it can all boil down to a lot of expenses. To save yourself from this predicament, you will need to hire a good legal counsel that handles this kind of case. You can easily find an expert Delray Beach car accident lawyer with Aronberg & Aronberg. Both Atty. Aronberg & Aronberg, and Atty. David Aronberg, specialize in these cases and they have their office in Delray.

Our lawyers have acted as counsel to victims of personal injuries that are the result of vehicular crashes and other road mishaps. Both lawyers specialize in car accident cases and also motorcycle cases in Delray Beach. With their help, you will be able to win your case and enjoy the benefits that you must receive for the injuries that you have suffered from such an incident.

You do not know when an accident will happen and when it does, you might not know what to do. Having a lawyer to guide you on what steps to take next will give you comfort and relief. An attorney can help you in many ways.

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Our Delray Beach Car Accident Attorney’s Will Collect The Important Information

If you hire an attorney, he will help you recall details of what happened. He will ask you for the name of the other driver, the names of the witnesses if there are, and the name of the police officer on the scene of the accident. He will ask you where and how the road mishap happened. All these details will be useful if ever the case reaches the court.

Preparing Documents

Your legal counsel will let you know what documents you must prepare. Most likely, he will ask for your medical records, statements from the witnesses, a police report, and photographs that capture the incident.

The medical records will show that you have been treated for your injuries. They will provide information about the doctor’s diagnosis and the treatments that he recommended. Include a copy of the X-ray results and the medical bill that you paid. These papers will support your claim for indemnity. Get the statements of the people who saw the accident happen. Your legal adviser might call them to testify in the court. Note down their names, addresses, and contact numbers so that you can reach them if ever they have to give their testimony. Likewise, secure a copy of the report that the police officers created after responding to the incident. Make sure to get a copy and give it to your attorney. Take a picture of your vehicle to show the damage. The photo will also show skid marks on the road. Your legal adviser can use this to defend or prove your case.

Obtaining Proof of Liability

Aside from the photos that you gave to your lawyer, he would want to investigate on his own. He may conduct an ocular inspection of the scene of the incident, question the witnesses, and talk with the police officers who made the report. He will do everything in his power to find proof that the other vehicle is at fault so that you can file your claims.

Your counselor will make it easy for you to get proof of damages. Most hospitals are slow in releasing medical records. When they do, the doctor seldom mentions the extent of injuries, the causes, and the prognosis. You will have difficulty in filing a personal injury claim. Doctors will respond more quickly to the demands of an attorney than to yours. Your legal adviser can send a letter to the doctor requesting a complete medical report. With the right information, he can present the proof that you are entitled to a compensation for personal injury.

Making Arrangements with Lien Holders

The lien holder is someone who leased you the vehicle or the institution that lent you the money to pay for it. The name of this person or institution appears in the insurance policy. After both parties agree to a settlement, the lienholder is paid first. You will receive the remaining amount after the lien is deducted.  However, your counsel can talk with the lien holder to reduce the bond. You will be able to get an increased compensation.

Determining the Settlement Amount


A Delray Beach personal injury lawyer knows the worth of your case. He is the right person to negotiate a settlement. He has handled similar cases before. Negotiating is not new to him and he has a better chance to make the best deal for you than anyone else.

With an experienced lawyer to assist you with your car accident claim, you will be able to enjoy the compensation that you are entitled to. CONTACT US TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION

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