On February 19, 2007, our client was riding his bicycle when he was run over by a commercial truck. As a result of the bicycle accident crash, our client suffered an open fracture of his arm, rib fractures, coccyx fracture, and a rectal injury.

The truck driver failed to yield to our client’s right of way when he illegally entered an intersection. The police investigation failed to determine who was at fault. Our investigation concluded that the truck driver failed to look both ways prior to illegally entering the intersection and running over our client, thus causing the auto accident with the bicycle.

“Despite the local police’s inability to determine fault, the truck driver was clearly in the wrong when he failed to look both ways and entered the intersection running over our client,” said attorney David T. Aronberg. “We were able to resolve this case within months of the accident for just under $700,000” said Aronberg.

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