Woman’s Case Against Verizon Settles for $3 Million

Our personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg handle all types of personal injury cases, although most of our work involves representing individuals who have been injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another. As we know, drivers make mistakes such as fidgeting with the radio, looking into the backseat, driving too quickly, following too closely, etc., all of which increase the likelihood of a car accident.

The case of Pinkerton v. Verizon stemmed from a horrific 2012 accident in Philadelphia, in which a woman suffered traumatic brain and spinal injuries after her car was rear-ended by a Verizon bucket truck (a large, heavy truck used to hoist an employee up in a bucket from which he or she can adjust cable or telephone lines), whose driver was talking on his cell phone at the time of the crash.

The victim was, at the time, employed as an operating room nurse, and had just finished her shift. While on her way home, waiting at a red light, the Verizon truck smashed into her car with such force that she was knocked unconscious; nearby passersby had to pull her out of her car, which had become engulfed in flames. As the victim’s attorney noted, the accident took place less than a block away from an elementary school; had the incident taken place a block or two down the road, instead of hitting a still vehicle, the Verizon driver could have rammed into and mowed down a group of school children crossing the street.

According to the plaintiff’s attorneys, Verizon “recognized that this was a negligence case” from the beginning, evidenced by the company’s attempts to settle the case twice in the beginning of the case, first for $200,000 before the beginning of the trial and then again for $300,000 on the day of jury selection in the case. Per court documents, the accident was not solely the fault of the driver; the plaintiff claimed that it was also the fault of Verizon’s requirement that drivers use their cell phones to confirm routes and appointments while en route. Had that policy not been in place, the accident might not have ever have occurred, for the driver would not have been on his cell phone with Verizon, as he was instructed to be.

Ultimately, the case was settled for $3 million after seven days of trial. This settlement will provide funds to cover the woman’s serious injuries and it will also serve to highlight the dangerous, life-threatening consequences of distracted driving. While this settlement will mean a great deal to the injured victim, its cost to Verizon will be relatively unnoticeable. For a company that brought in revenue of over $120 billion last year, this settlement will cost them just 0.0025% of that corporate income.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, whether it was the fault of a teenager driving a coupe or a professional operating a corporate truck, you have rights and you can legally seek compensation for your damages. To schedule a free consultation, please contact our experienced personal injury lawyers at Aronberg & Aronberg by calling 561-266-9191 or e-mailing daronberg@build.simple.biz. We look forward to assisting you.

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