Why Lawyers are needed

Why Lawyers are needed

As we go about our days, different people see different things.  The athletes in our population might look at a field and guess how long it would take them to run from point A to point B.  The dentists in our population might look at a 7-11 and imagine the havoc that the candy inside will wreck upon the teeth of youngsters.  The teachers might look at a store sign and shake their heads in disapproval at a common grammatical mistake.  The plumbers might look at a sink in a restroom and surmise how long the pipes have until beginning to leak.

And then there are the lawyers.

The lawyers might look at the road and wonder how many accidents occur on that road every week.  They might look at the 7-11 and wonder if there is a “Caution” sign on top of the wet floor below the slurpee machine.  They might look at a store sign and wonder if it warns customers of the elevated step upon entering the store.  And they might look at a sink in a restroom and wonder if its inspections are up-to-date.

To a rudimentary observer, the lawyers might look like crooks and thieves – even liars – who try to suck pennies out of everyday occurrences.  But if you look a little further, past the job title on the business cards, you will notice that everyone is doing what they’re good at and what they’re trained in.  Everyone is trying to do their part in maintaining the safety in our society.  The athletes serve to entertain, impress and inspire.  The dentists, and the whole medical field, serve to keep us healthy.  The teachers make sure that future generations mentally equipped to deal with the challenges they may face.  The plumbers work to ensure proper infrastructure operation.  And the lawyers, well, the lawyers serve to make sure that everything mentioned above, and everything that could be mentioned below, goes smoothly and fairly.  Wall Street, Main Street, Pennsylvania Avenue—they’re all the same.  It’s just a bunch of people trying to figure out how we’re going to get from today to tomorrow in an orderly and safe fashion.

Lawyers sometimes get the short end of the stick in the court of public opinion.  I implore you to think a little harder about why that might be. Perhaps it’s because the stick they’re trying to work on is on fire, and the fire burned away the other half of the stick (so to speak).  Lawyers delve into mucky water sometimes, and while a sink can be backed up by some pretty disgusting matter, what can be found in contract breaches and law violations can be even more gruesome.

Some people throughout history have argued that lawyers are unnecessary.  Life is unfair, they argued.  You can’t right every wrong and you can’t undo the past.  Well, we’ve evolved.  We’ve evolved from cavemen to modern humans, capable of enormous amounts of strength – both mental and physical.

Sure, there are some things not worth retaining a lawyer for.  If you go into a barbershop that displays the slogan “World’s Best Haircut,” you can’t sue the barbershop if you feel that your haircut isn’t truly the best expression of barber craftsmanship on planet Earth.  Some things you have to deal with.  Maybe go back and ask the barber to fix your haircut.  I’m sure they will.  (But don’t hold me accountable if they don’t).

Utilizing lawyers under appropriate circumstances is not only an option, sometimes it’s a requirement.  Utilizing the law to right wrongs and to ensure safety is paramount to the upkeep of a civil society.  You’d see an athlete if you want to get in better shape.  You’d see a dentist if your tooth is hurting you.  You go to school and learn from teachers.  And you would call a plumber if your sink starts to leak.  So utilize lawyers to protect your rights and make sure that your given place in society is protected.

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