Why Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney?

Why Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney?

Slip and fall cases may give rise to serious damages, and for many of their victims, there’s the question of compensation to make up for the loss of pay, medical bills, physical and emotional suffering, and sheer injustice.  It is impossible to set back the hands of time and erase the accident from history. Often times the slip and fall victim is never truly made whole again. However, our legal system is set up to compensate victims from a monetary standpoint in hopes it will help ease the suffering and make things right.

Like other legal proceedings, however, a Florida guide through this process is needed for the outcome to be successful.  A practiced slip and fall attorney can assist victims of accidents and personal injury through the claims process based on their experience and education with the law and court system.

Liability Concerning the Fall – Tips From A Slip and Fall Lawyer

Delray Beach slip and fall attorney- Aronberg Law The core of a slip and fall case is going to be centered on the fall itself and proving liability.  Who is at fault for the fall?  For car accident cases, the answer can be more straightforward, but even then, proving liability can be a gray area.  For a slip and fall case, the defense you will face will pick apart the incident to disprove that the defendant was at fault—after all, it is their job. The are three ways to prove negligence in a slip and fall case which include the following:


  1. The property owner failed to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition,
  2. The property owner failed to correct a dangerous condition about which the property owner either knew or should have known by the use of reasonable care, or
  3. The property owner failed to warn the injured party of a hidden dangerous condition which the property owner knew about or should have known about.

An experienced slip and fall attorney knows exactly where to look to find evidence to support one of the key points listed above. In certain situations, time is of the essence, and an attorney needs to jump into action to preserve certain evidence before it is destroyed or a hazardous condition is repaired. Expert witnesses are retained to review the incident site and testify regarding the applicable “industry standard of care” regarding safe business practices and how industry standards were breached. Finally, knowledge or notice of a hazardous condition is usually a key area of debate and must be addressed by a skilled attorney. Defense lawyers frequently attempt to protect their clients from liability by exclaiming their clients were not adequately placed on notice of the hazardous condition prior to the accident victims’ injury date.

Imagine going against a skilled, experienced defense attorney with no prior knowledge of the claims or court process.  With a slip and fall attorney to represent you and your claim, you can mitigate the arguments the defense is utilizing in an attempt to tear down your side. An injury lawyer is permitted to take depositions and equipped with subpoena power to unlock the evidence needed to prevail in your case.

Providing Proof in Damages

Documentation is the driving force behind your claim.  It would be very simple to make the statement slip and fall lawyers- Aronberg & Aronberg Delraythat you were out of work and missed a few months, coupled with the expectation of receiving a big payout for lost wages.  Of course, if it were that easy, everyone would do it, and everyone would win.  But, that’s not the case, and the way the claims process successfully functions is with proof, and the evidence will likely take the form of documents and paperwork.

The slip and fall incident likely put you out of commission physically and emotionally, and so if you had taken on your claim by yourself, you would need to gather, collect, and provide all of the necessary papers for your claim.  Fortunately, a slip and fall personal injury lawyer is hired to do this for you, taking on the immense burden with experience and ease. A slip and fall attorney can also help you direct you to a medical provider who can treat your injuries and properly document your file for litigation purposes.

Medical records, tax forms, tax returns, documentation concerning your lost income via your employer’s pay records, medical bills—these are all items that will need to be logged and collected for a successful claim.  Even photographs of the scene of the accident are used in slip and fall cases, and a good slip and fall lawyer will be able to track down and provide all of this information on your behalf.

We Negotiate Your Slip and Fall Case with Insurance Companies

If it’s an insurance company you’re up against, you won’t want to go at it alone.  Our skilled personal injury lawyers at your side are key to receiving any compensation that will benefit you in the end.  Insurance companies will do anything they can to avoid awarding large amounts of money and they are equipped with the best legal resources to do so. Only a professional accident attorney can build a case against these conglomerates to win you the settlement you deserve.

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