What Uber And Lyft Drivers Need To Know About Rideshare Accidents?

What Uber And Lyft Drivers Need To Know About Rideshare Accidents?

Uber and Lyft are popular companies that offer shared rides to millions of people. You can use the Uber and Lyft services for your daily commute. Every passenger must know about their obligations and rights before using the rideshare services. But what about the drivers of Uber and Lyft?

Are they aware of their legal rights and obligations?

Every Uber and Lyft driver should acknowledge all the legal rights before you offer rideshare services to any passenger. Being a driver, it is your sole responsibility to take note of all the crucial aspects. It will help in case of rideshare accidents and when you are not at fault.
While driving, ensuring the safety of the passengers is your duty. Drivers have to face many complications and challenges while driving. Sometimes, you need to apply sudden breaks, maintain speed in traffic, and ensure the condition of the road.

Rideshare accidents can happen due to several reasons. The driver doesn’t need to be always at fault. To protect themselves, Uber and Lyft drivers must know everything about rideshare accidents.

#1 Having a Complete Understanding Of The Status:

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Active Driver Status:

Every Uber and Lyft driver must know about the driving status and what impact sit will have on the insurance claim. While you are in driving mode, it is crucial to change the status to ‘active’ or ‘active driver’ in the respective rideshare application. For instance, if you are driving but have not changed the ‘active driver’ mode in the application, you will be at fault. If a rideshare accident takes place, you won’t be liable to get any personal insurance or claim for it.

Pending Ride Request:

If the driver suffers from injuries during a pending ride request, they won’t be liable for the insurance. In simple terms, Uber or Lyft would not provide compensation for the injuries sustained by the driver. Moreover, they will not consider the vehicle damage in such scenarios.

Accepting The Request:

If the rideshare accident occurs after accepting the passenger’s request, the Uber or Lyft company is liable to provide insurance compensation for the injuries sustained by the rider. Besides, the Uber or Lyft driver should be at fault. If the driver is not at fault, the Uber or Lyft company won’t be liable for an insurance claim. When the other driver is at fault, the rideshare accident would turn into a third-party claim. It is better to consult an auto accident attorney who can manage such cases and settle them. The attorney will offer you legal advice and help you file the lawsuit. As a Uber or Lyft driver, when you are not at fault, you have the right to sue the other driver and get asked for an insurance claim.

#2 Be Careful At The Accident Scene: This is the most crucial thing you must always be prepared for.

Report The Incident To The Police:

After the accidents, you must inform the law enforcement officials or Police. But, make sure not to provide any additional information about who is at fault or not. These are critical pieces of information that you should not disclose in the absence of your attorney.

Report The Incident To Your Rideshare Company:

You need to inform the rideshare company to align with the details of the vehicle and passengers.

Inform Medical Staff For Immediate Medical Assistance: The rideshare accident may be severe or mild. Your responsibility is to take immediate measures to inform medical professionals. Your medical report will offer detailed information about your injuries. Preserve the report with you.

#3 Be Aware Of The Legal Rights In Personal Injury Case:

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After medical assistance, seek legal help from a personal injury lawyer. The personal injury lawyer will explain to you your rights and obligations. Based on the details of the rideshare accident, you can ask for an insurance claim from your company.

#4 Notify Your Insurance Company:

With the guidance of legal professionals or accident attorneys, notify your insurance company of the accident. Be very cautious while providing answers to the questions – how are you? How are your injuries? Have you sustained any severe injuries? Based on the answers you provide, the insurance adjusters will ensure to try to twist the scenario. They will shift the claim to avoid paying excessive compensation to you.


Every Uber or Lyft driver should be cautious after any rideshare accident. You and the insurance company will not work as a team anymore. The insurance company adjusters will try to shift the claims so they can deny the insurance or cut it down. Your goal is to take legal help from the lawyers of Aronberg Law Firm. They will understand the rideshare accident circumstances and provide you best legal guidance. You can take their help to file a lawsuit and get the rightful compensation for the injuries, damages, and other losses.

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