What Should I Do if I Was Involved in a Miami Boating Accident?

What Should I Do if I Was Involved in a Miami Boating Accident?

Well, everyone loves boating. Miami is the most popular site for boating. Every year a lot of people enjoy the pleasures of boating, mainly during the Summer months. But what if an accident takes place? How will you manage or handle the situation? You must understand that taking the correct measures will have a significant impact on your overall well-being. You should promptly arrange for some medical help to protect yourself and your mates from getting severely injured. Besides this, there are some legal steps or measures that you need to follow up on after any Miami boat accidents. These steps that you would take after the boat accident in Miami will have a significant impact on how the legal and law enforcement authorities will work. Here are some measures suggested by the Miami boat accident lawyers or attorneys, which will help you understand what you need to do and how.

#1 Most Crucial Step – Get help Immediately:

Most Crucial Step - Get help Immediately

According to the Florida Law – 327.30, every boat driver who seems to be involved in boating accidents must summon medical help as soon as possible. It is the prime responsibility of the operator or boat manager to take crucial measures to reduce the level of the life-threatening situations if the boat faces any collision during the journey. Besides this, medical aid should be provided to everyone who is in the dire need of it. This rule also includes getting professional emergency help to protect the people or property. Your first step will be to ensure that the situation can be mitigated to the maximum extent possible.

#2 You Must Provide Impart Essential Information To The Related Parties:

If you have been in the Miami boating accident, you need to follow the laws stated by Florida. So according to state law 327.30, it is essential to share all the personal information of all the people involved in the accident with the authorities. The personal information generally includes the exact address of the location (where the accident took place), the names of the people involved, the identification of the boat, and information about the boat driver.

Besides this, if you find that the damaged boat is unattended, you must try to locate the owner of the damaged property/vessel/boat and notify them regarding the boating accident. This step is also in accordance with the 327.30 – Florida law.

#3 You Must Take Measures To Inform The Law Enforcement:

You Must Take Measures To Inform The Law Enforcement

According to the laws laid by the State Of Florida, the boat operator must provide information regarding the Miami boating accident to the Local police officials or Division of Law Enforcement of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, once medical has been provided to all the injured people. The official would prepare a report based on the information. There is one thing that you must understand is, the report would be prepared in two conditions:

  1. If anyone has been injured severely during a Miami boating accident. (The severity of the injuries is much more than just simple medical aid).
  2. The report would be filed if the boat damage caused by the accident is approximately $2000 or more.

If any of these two conditions are satisfied, you must ensure that the Law Enforcement official is filing the report. Usually, the officials would prepare the report only after getting the required information and analyzing the accident site. Once the investigation is complete, the entire report would be detailed based on the Florida State Law – 327.301. If in any case, the police officials deny filing the report you can inform about the situation to the Division of Law Enforcement of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

#4 You Must Ensure To Notify The Insurance Company:

Once all the procedures are completed, you must follow up with the insurance company. It is essential because this can prove critical to being paid fair compensation and all the other accident victims getting compensated. You can hire a Miami boating accident attorney who would help you file a claim with the insurance provider, and get the compensation. They will let you know about your legal rights and how to go ahead with the procedures.


At any point in time, if you find yourself involved in a boating accident in Miami, get some medical help as soon as possible. Besides this, try to immediately inform the law enforcement officials and provide them all the essential details, including your names, boat ID, and an exact address. If possible, you must also take pictures of the entire damage, gather witnesses and their information as it will help in raising an insurance claim. You must follow all the above steps and contact the attorneys to resolve the issue.

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