Types Of Product Liability Claims

Types Of Product Liability Claims

Personal injury attorneys are of different types who handle specialized cases. The claims and lawsuits can also be distinct. The legal claims can be for vehicle damage, personal injuries, accidents, malpractices, and various other issues. One of the most common claims you might usually come across is product liability claims. Now, within the category, product liability claims are also of different types. You must have a good understanding of all the types of product liability claims. It will help to protect yourself in adverse situations. Aronberg Law Firm’s lawyers are highly qualified in handling the cases of product liability. So if you need any legal help, do consult them. Before we get into the different types of claims, let us understand what are product liability claims.

What Do We Mean By A Product Liability Claim?Product Liability Claim

A product liability claim is applicable when a customer suffers from an injury due to a defect in a specific consumer product. In product liability claims, you have a wide range of legal concepts. Usually, the lawyers handling such cases will consider it a strict product liability or negligence of the manufacturers. The liability concept will be applicable based on state-federal laws. A strict product liability claim is different from negligence product liability. In the strict product liability, there is no requirement to prove the defects in the products.

In negligent product liability, it is essential to put forward the types and number of defects found in the consumer items.

The lawyer can choose any theory or concept for establishing a product liability claim. Based on the legal theory, the lawyer makes a choice. Then they divide the lawsuit into unique categories. The differences in types of product liability claims are dependent on manufacturing defects, design defects, and marketing defects. Apart from this, another product liability claim is “Failure To Warn”. If the manufacturers do not warn the consumers, you can hold them liable for the injuries caused.

To get compensation for the product liability claim, the consumer will have to prove the injuries experienced due to defects in the consumer products.

Now, let us understand the unique types of product liability claims. If you still have any confusion, you can reach out to the professional attorneys of Aronberg Law Firm.

#1 Product Liability Claim For The Manufacturing Defect In The Consumer Items:

defective product lawyer

Manufacturing Defect is considered the simplest type of product liability claim. The attorney of Aronberg Law Firm can easily handle such lawsuits.

The manufacturing defect product claim is raised when a consumer finds a major defect in the structure of the item. The manufacturing defect happens while assembling the items, in the factory line production, or resources used. For instance, when car accidents happen due to brake failure, then it is a manufacturing defect. This defect in the car causes vehicle damage and personal injuries. If you find yourself in such a situation, hire an attorney. The Aronberg Law Firm attorney will handle the lawsuit and get you compensation for the loss.

#2 Product Liability Claim For The Design Defects:

Usually, when there is a defect in product design, it impacts the entire product batch. All the items included in it will have the same issue. It becomes dangerous for the consumer if you use those products. It is a bit of a complex issue as there is no defect in the manufacturing process or resources. The design of the product does not deviate from the blueprint. The defect is due to the unforeseen risks involved with the product design. This unforeseen issue in the designing of the product causes injuries. Due to the design defect, consumers may suffer from fatal injuries.

#3 Product Liability Claim For Marketing Defect:

Products are of different types. Not everyone is capable of using the product accurately. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide instructions on product usage. If the manufacturer does not provide essential information for the product, they are at fault. Due to misuse, the product causes several injuries to the consumers. The product designer and manufacturer must give insights into the risk involved, hot to use, and other key aspects.


If you have suffered injuries due to defects in the product, get in touch with the lawyers. The Aronberg Law Firm attorneys will understand your issues. Based on the information you provide, they will get to know the type of lawsuit you need to file. The attorneys will guide you through the process and also get compensation for the loss.

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