Texting while Driving: A Valid Ban

Texting while Driving:  A Valid Ban

There are times when text messages prove to be beneficial in today’s society. In a place where staying connected has transformed from available to required, text messages allow us to communicate almost instantaneously without the formalities of long phone conversations. Through text messages, we are able to pass along messages and receive responses within seconds.

However, texting has not always proved to be such a blessing to society, but rather sometimes a curse. Texting while driving has come to be a true enemy amongst the community. In fact, distracted driving, including texting while driving, is rated the number 1 cause of fatal traffic accidents in Broward County.  This has also been proven to be an increasing problem amongst the youth of America as driver’s licenses are distributed at age sixteen and the governor has failed to pass a law requiring them to put down their phones and focus on the traffic around them. South Florida is one of the most heavily populated areas in America.  Although several bills have been proposed to ban texting while driving these requests have been ignored.

Most states have put forth bans of this kind, acknowledging that texting and driving is a huge problem amongst modern America. Forty-one states have put forth some form of legislation prohibiting texting while driving, with the majority having it banned altogether. Among these states are New York, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Nevada, Kansas and so many more. As such a political powerhouse and one of the largest states in America, it is nothing short of ridiculous that Florida has failed to pass legislation prohibiting the use of text messages while driving.

Even cell phone companies have made it known that they take a stance against texting and driving as AT&T campaigns its “Don’t Text While Driving Documentary” urging drivers to concentrate on driving without the distraction of text messaging.  As AT&T addresses this problem and advocates for educational awareness, it is a wonder that the Florida legislature does not partake in banning the growing epidemic of texting while driving.

As members of the Florida community, it is our obligation to advocate those around us the dangers of texting while driving. Nothing is so important that in rush hour traffic on I-95, someone would take their hands off of the wheel and their eyes off of the road to send a text message. It is time for priorities to be re-evaluated and the dangers of driving, in general, to be remembered.

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