Steps To Take In Case of A Rideshare Accident

Steps To Take In Case of A Rideshare Accident

Rideshare is an effective way to commute. Most often, people share the ride when they commute to their workplace, school, shopping mall, etc. An increasing number of people consider rideshare as an economical way of covering short distances without any hassle.

With increasing popularity, the rate of rideshare accidents is on the rise. Being involved in the accident, you feel disoriented for a while. Protecting yourself and others from severe injuries is the best thing you should do after a rideshare accident. Besides this, you should take different steps after the rideshare accident. These steps will ensure your safety. Moreover, you need to pursue compensation for the damages and loss of life.

Consulting the expert lawyers of Aronberg Law Firm is the best thing you can do after a rideshare accident. The professional will explain all the steps to take in case of a rideshare accident.

We have shared the most essential steps to take after the rideshare accident.

#1 Get Immediate Medical Assistance:

Medical assistance will help you and others with severe injuries. Even if you feel that no one is injured, it is essential to get medical assistance within 24 hours of the rideshare accident. Medical assistance will support your overall health: The doctors will examine you for external and internal injuries. You can experience traumatic injuries in the brain, spine, vertebrae, neck, back, and other body parts. The doctors are experts and help you know the actual condition of your body. The medical report will be helpful: Consulting a medical professional and getting a detailed report is essential. It prevents disputes with the insurance company. When you claim compensation for the injuries, the medical report will explain the cause and severity of the accidents.

#2 Give A Call To The Police:

rideshare accident attorney

Rideshare accidents need proper investigation and follow-up. If the accident is severe and involves death, calling the police is important. The investigation will explain the reason behind the rideshare accident and its severity. The police will scrutinize the crash scene, and get information from the witnesses. They will prepare ad detailed report of the accident based on the investigation.

#3 Take Pictures Of The Crash Scenes And Injuries:

This is an essential thing your insurance company may ask from you. It is better to be prepared rather than grieve in the last minutes. You should take pictures of the accident with your phone. If possible video will also provide proof of the accident. The photos should contain vehicle damage, injuries caused to people, weather condition, the condition of the road, etc. All these are important documents to support your compensation claim.

#4 Get The Contact Information Of The Driver:

Getting information about the driver and rideshare company is crucial. You need to provide this information to the rideshare attorney and the insurance company. Besides, you should know if the rideshare company provides any insurance or not.

#5 Report The Rideshare Accident To The Insurance Company And Rideshare Company:

You should inform your insurance company of the rideshare accident at the earliest. It will help you and the insurance company to take immediate steps for the compensation claim. Besides, you should inform the rideshare company of the accident. While writing to the rideshare company, you should provide all the information, pictures, and details of the driver. It will give them a brief idea of the rideshare accident.

#6 Hire An Accident Attorney:

Hire An Accident Attorney

The accident attorneys are highly experienced and knowledgeable. They have the skill to handle rideshare accident cases and provide proper compensation to the clients (injured party).
Make sure to inform the insurance company about the accident. But do not get into any conversation without your attorney. They might twist your statements and not provide compensation for the rideshare accident.

The rideshare accident attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident. They will get information about the vehicle damage, and people injured and document it. Moreover, the attorney will talk to the witnesses to identify the liable parties.

The attorney has great communication skills to negotiate with insurance adjusters. The attorney will file the insurance claim on your behalf. Moreover, the professional attorney will ensure you get the right compensation and settle the case.

Summary :

Being mindful and aware of the accident policies will always help you. The aforementioned step is helpful when you find yourself in a rideshare accident. If you are in search of a rideshare accident attorney, get in touch with the lawyers at Aronberg Law Firm. They are highly professional and experienced in their field. The lawyers will guide you to take the right steps after a rideshare accident.

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