Staying Current with the Law – The Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg

Staying Current with the Law – The Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg


It’s important to stay on top of personal injury news so we’re going to help you out with that right here in this blog. We will be looking at a new lawsuit that’s been filed, a recall from a major auto company, and finally we’re going to show you the results of a very interesting study.

Papa John's PizzaA class-action lawsuit has been filed against Papa John’s International, Inc. You know, the “Better ingredients. Better pizza. Papa John’s” guys. The class of plaintiffs is composed of their customers who have been receiving unwanted, text-messaged promotional advertisements from Papa John’s. Customers have complained that after ordering from Papa John’s, their cell phones have been buzzing with text message ads from the pizza giant. A judge has just ruled, this week, that the lawsuit is legitimate and, as a result, Papa John might be on the hook for upwards of $250 million, which would be one of the largest damages every recovered under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a federal law which, in part, protects consumers from receiving undesired advertisements via the telephone. Customers of the pizza chain could receive $500 or more, each, in damages for each text message they received. It’s common knowledge that constant text messaging is annoying, but now Papa Johns might just realize how costly the mistake can be.

BMW logoNext, we move onto the auto recall. BMW has recalled certain 5 series cars, 6 series cars, M5s, and M6s, ranging from years 2004-2010. In total, roughly 367,000 BMWs are affected by the recall in the United States. There is a problem with the bulkhead connector for the battery, which has the capacity to cause the car to fail to start or, in more extreme cases, catch on fire. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the agency that handles auto recalls, BMW will notify affected customers about the recall in writing. With most recalls, automakers offer a free mechanical solution to the problem as opposed to having the car replaced.

Finally, we end with a study relating to auto accidents—occurrences we deal with quite often. The University of Buffalo School of Medicine has concluded that overweight individuals are 21% more likely than non-overweight individuals to die in the 30 days following a car crash. When dealing with technically obese individuals, the mortality rate during the 30 days after a crash jumps to 56%. The study reveals upsetting statistics but also presents an additional reason for people to be healthy. Car accidents are, for many, an unfortunate part of life. To minimize the likelihood of death in a car accident, as well as boost overall health and well-being, maintaining a healthy weight goes a long way.

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