Safety on Palm Beach County School Buses – No Child Left Behind

The Delray Beach Personal Injury Attorneys at Aronberg & Aronberg, Injury Law Firm have learned one of the best ways to prevent accidents is through education and awareness. For this reason, we are bringing you this important update about Palm Beach County School Buses.

School Bus Safety Alarms

On several occasions within Palm Beach County, young and/or disabled students did not get off the school bus after it arrived at school. The students were left alone on a hot bus. To combat this problem, Florida Law requires newer school buses to have a special safety alarm installed. The safety alarm requires the bus driver to walk to the back of the bus and disable the alarm before exiting. This forces the bus driver to “search” the entire bus before exiting.

PBC School Bus Alarms Non-Functional

A recent report revealed, 1 out of 5 school buses do not have working alarm systems. Thirty-five percent of the non-working systems were intentionally disabled. As a result of the report, the school board is taking efforts to improve safety. Five school employees have been disciplined. The school board has also modified the alarm systems so bus drivers cannot disconnect them. Finally, the school board has increased the pay of bus drivers (from $12.37 to $14.00 an hr) in hopes of attracting more experienced and caring drivers.

Promoting Safety on PBC School Buses

Speak with your child about paying attention to his or her surroundings while on the school bus. It is helpful if your child has a buddy who can remind them when it is time to get off the bus. You should also speak with your child about alerting an adult if another student is not getting off the bus. This is helpful because the students who get left on the bus are typically young or have other disabilities preventing them for helping themselves.

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