Right on Target: The Mega Retailer Issues a Recall

Right on Target: The Mega Retailer Issues a Recall

This week, Target stores took a step in the right direction by recalling faulty step-stool and storage units which had generated hundreds of thousands of sales worldwide.  The firm, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Administration, announced the move through a press release dated August 4th.  The product, sold exclusively at Target and produced by Circo and DYR (Do Your Room), was sold from January of 2007 to October of 2010.  The recall comes after twenty-six reports of the stools either breaking or collapsing.  Over half of the incidents involved children.  Two of the adults sustained wrist fractures, and one of those adults also fractured her hip and pelvis.  Multiple people experienced scrapes and bruising due to the breaking or collapsing of the improperly-assembled products.  The recall of the 206,000 units sparks international acknowledgement of Target’s consumer-friendly mindset, but also of the risks involved with products that we use on a daily basis.

As the world in which we live fosters more and more of a consumer-driven culture, we depend increasingly on the products produced by multinational—and international—corporations.  When we purchase a product we also take on the vulnerability of being subject to experiencing its defects.  As more and more household items become mass-produced, the word “recall” itself has become a household term.  From Burger King, to Toyota, to Target and more, profitable corporations with sales in every country experience the need to recall a faulty product.  Sometimes these recalls are the result of wrist fractures, as is seen with this recall by Target, though others result from far more serious injuries—even death.

Target’s motto is, “Expect More.  Pay Less.”  The “more” isn’t specifically defined in the catchy tagline, but it goes without saying that the public expects “more” in the most positive light, not “more” injuries and medical bills.  When a company produces a product that is improperly assembled and causes injury to another, the companies from which the products were received (all the way down the line) are held accountable.  Personal injury occurs, on a daily basis internationally, as a result of the negligence of various companies, whether consciously or not.

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