Red Hot And Boom Accident Altamonte Springs Florida

The Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg have been retained to represent the family of a man who unfortunately passed away after being struck by a motor vehicle crossing a street as a pedestrian.

Red Hot and Boom is a fireworks show that goes on every year in Altamonte Springs, Florida. With a reported 200,000 person turnout this year, both pedestrian and vehicle traffic was noticeably congested. The scene was unfortunately ripe for an accident, and needed to be controlled in a more efficient manner to prevent any incident. Unfortunately, the co-sponsors of the event, the City of Altamonte Springs and Clear Channel radio, did not have sufficient traffic control officers to provide for pedestrian traffic to safely cross the streets during the event. Now, a family is left only to wonder what really happened the night of July 3, 2011.

Our client was attempting to cross the street in a pedestrian walkway, when he was struck by a motor vehicle going about 45 mph. Through our initial investigation, we have found that roughly 10 people crossed the street with our client. Only three have given statements as eye witnesses to the accident. The witnesses have confirmed that the officers did little to control vehicle traffic.

We need everyone to come forward to help us gather all of the necessary and relevant information about this case so that we can provide the victim’s family with a proper and comprehensive understanding of what happened to their beloved family member.

Our law office is working tirelessly to investigate and compile all plausible scenarios that can explain how this tragic situation could have occurred. The untimely death of our client deserves an explanation so that his family can obtain the necessary closure and can move forward in his memory.

If anyone has any additional information about this accident, PLEASE CALL US at 561-821-4087. Any small piece of information can help our endeavor at seeking justice for our client’s mourning family. Did you see how traffic was being controlled? Did you see pedestrians crossing the street? Did you speak with any officers in the area? ANYTHING can help.

Please call us with any information you may have, as we can all be sure that if we were in the same situation, we would want as much help as we could get in order to obtain justice for our family.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please call us at 561-821-4087 or email us at Again, any piece of information can help.

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