Personal Injury Lawyer Success Rates and the Average Settlements

Personal Injury Lawyer Success Rates and the Average Settlements

You’ve been injured and in an accident, so what now?  You want to have a successful claim, undoubtedly, but perhaps this is your first mingling with personal injury law and you aren’t exactly sure where to begin.

Lawyer Success Rates Rise Greatly With Experience and Education

First and foremost, the success of your own personal injury claim is dependent on hiring an attorney to represent you and your case in court.  A personal injury lawyer has specialized education and experience in cases similar to your own and will act as your legal delegate and guide through your claim process.  Not only that, but a veteran lawyer with years of court cases under the belt will have the ability to navigate your claim to produce the best possible results.

When searching for a professional personal injury lawyer to try your case, a common question often asked involves a lawyer’s success rates.  As someone who is suffering from an injury, involved in an accident, and potentially missing work, this is a concern that is valid, but complex.  Of course, you want the best personal injury attorney for your claim, but what does the success rate entail?  And if you shell out the attorney fees, does that increase the final settlement’s percentage?

The Numbers Behind Lawyer Tried Cases

The fact of the matter is there’s no true success rating for attorneys.  Law is complex, and individual cases even more so, and the number of cases an attorney takes on weighed against how many they “win” is not a tough metric to follow. First, there is no standard way to delineate a “win” from a “loss” when it comes to settlements. A $500,000 settlement in an auto accident case may sound like a big win. However, if you dig deeper and learn the auto accident victim was a painter; and now lost both of his hands, the $500,000 is less appealing. If you further learn that the at-fault driver had a $2,000,000 insurance policy you probably wouldn’t qualify the $500,000 settlement as a win. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you may not be quick to qualify a $25,000 auto accident settlement as a big win. However, if you dig deeper and learn the auto accident victim made a full recovery in  45 days from the accident date and only incurred $500 in out of pocket medical expenses then you may change your mindset and qualify this case is a huge win.

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When scouting for a good attorney to head your case, consider the number of desired outcomes the firm has achieved instead of looking for cases “won.” It’s a good idea to ask the attorney to explain the details surrounding their big settlements and you can choose whether you qualify that case as a “win” or “loss.” Other factors to consider are whether the attorney has handled cases with similar fact patterns as yours and what the outcome was with those cases.

Another lingering issue for many people suffering from injuries related to a car accident is how much their average settlement percentage will increase with a lawyer to represent their claim.  Will hiring on an attorney for their personal injury case be worth the attorney’s fees?

According to a study conducted by the All-Industry Research Advisory Council (ARAC), the answer was a conclusive and astounding “yes” based on the data collected from over 6,000 people who had suffered injuries from auto accidents.  The study found that of the cases and personal injury victims analyzed, those with legal representation received on average, a 40% higher settlement than those who did not seek or obtain legal counsel.

The Insurance Research Council (IRC) conducted a separate report, drawing similar conclusions.  The statistics which arose from the evidence compiled from their research found that 85% of all settlements insurance companies paid were given to victims represented by attorneys in bodily injury claims.  But the shocking numbers don’t stop there.  Those with legal representation received settlements that were on average, three times (3X) higher than victims without attorneys.

Attorneys exist for good reason, and the evidence has proven that with a skilled attorney at your side throughout your claim process, you are much more likely to receive a higher settlement in your favor than without legal representation.  Our Delray Beach professional personal injury lawyers have the experience and knowledge to see your claim through to the end—the end being a satisfying settlement, able to support and aid you through the suffering of your injuries.


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