Palm Beach County Dog Park Safety

Palm Beach County Dog Park Safety

Our Wellington Personal Injury Attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg, Injury Law Firm love animals. We enjoy getting outdoors with our dogs. We have visited nearly every dog park in the area. Here are some safety tips about Palm Beach County Dog Parks.

Palm Beach County Dog Parks:

  1. Boca Raton – Mizner Bark Dog Park located at 751 Banyan Trail.
  2. Boca Raton – Canine Cove located at 12551 Glades Road.
  3. Boynton Beach – Boynton Village Park located at Renaissance Commons Boulevard.
  4. Delray Beach – Lake Ida Dog Park located at 1455 Lake Ida Road.
  5. Lake Worth – Lantana dog park located at 1200 West Drew Street
  6. Wellington – Wellington Dog Park located at 3000 Palm Beach Point Boulevard.
  7. West Palm Beach – City Paws at Howard Park – 1302 Parker Avenue.
  8. West Palm Beach – Pooch Pines Dog Park: 7715 Forest Hill Boulevard.


How to Safely Transport Your Dog In The Car

When most people think of dogs in cars, they think of a dog with their head out of the window, ears flapping in the wind, and slobbering everywhere like the dog in this picture. However, this is dangerous for your dog. Flying debri

Palm Beach dog safety lawyers

s and litter can be kicked up into the air by other cars and injure your dog. Even tiny pebbles or debris can become dangerous at high speeds—this is especially true when considering vulnerable body parts such as the eyes and ears.  Additionally, allowing your dog to stick their head out of a moving car’s windows runs the obvious risk they may fall out or collide with another object.

So how do you safely transport a dog? First, the back seat is preferred for dogs. This keeps the dog protected from front airbags and also minimizes any distractions to the driver. Next, there are several devices on the market that you may want to consider.

  • Crates: Transporting your dog in a crate is another option. Be sure to secure the crate within the vehicle. Additionally, you may install a soft barrier to the inside of the crate. This is beneficial in case your vehicle comes to a sudden stop sending your dog into a crate wall. You can use a blanket or foam barrier. You can also purchase a device known as a “crash bag” which is designed to attach to the inside of a dog crate.
  • Dividers/Barriers: Some vehicles can be equipped with a barrier or divider. Typically, SUVs or Hatchbacks sell aftermarket parts to petition the rear of the vehicle. This will prevent the dog from turning into a projectile in the event of an accident. It helps reduce injury to the dog and other passengers. However, this is NOT our most recommended method because although the barrier/divider partitions part of the vehicle—it still leaves your dog susceptible to lots of movement in the event of a car crash.

How To Spot a Dangerous Dog

palm beach dog safety attorneysSo you’ve made it to the dog park, and it’s now time to take your dog out of the car. However, you may be concerned about whether there will be any aggressive dogs at the park.

There are certain signs that a dog may be aggressive. You and your dogs can purposefully avoid these dogs in order to have the safest and most fun trip possible. Here are some signs to spot an angry or aggressive dog.

  • blocking peoples’ or other dogs’ paths
  • exposing their teeth,
  • erect ears,
  • snarling/growling/snapping,
  • standing tail, and
  • prolonged starting

What To Do in the Event of a Dog Fight

It is very dangerous to attempt to break-up a dog fight. However, we understand dog lovers will do almost anything to keep their loved ones safe. If you dog is in a dog fight here are some tips if you choose to intervene.


  • Do not pull the dogs back by their collars
  • Do not stand between the fighting dogs


  • Make loud noises to distract the dogs (look for metal water bowls to clink together)
  • If there is a hose, shoot water at the dogs
  • Cover the dogs’ faces with a blanket to block their vision
  • Employ the wheel barrel technique (from behind, grab the two hind legs, lift up in the air and walk the dogs backward.
  • Leave the dog park after any serious altercations

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