P.I. Pulse: Victim of NYC Motorcycle Mob Attack Plans to Sue the City

P.I. Pulse: Victim of NYC Motorcycle Mob Attack Plans to Sue the City

In late September of this past year, a married couple and their young child were driving in their SUV when, on a highway in New York City, a gang of motorcyclists surrounded the vehicle and taunted those inside the SUV. The aggressive motorcyclists, members of a group known to cause disturbances in and around Manhattan, circled the vehicle, virtually preventing it from moving forward.

Terrified for the safety of his family, the driver peeled away from the scene, accidentally injuring a biker in the process. Ostensibly agitated by the direction in which the situation had turned, the motorcyclists followed. They eventually caught upNYC Motorcycle Mob Attack lawsuit with the SUV on a street in Manhattan, in which the SUV was stuck in traffic. A few of the motorcyclists smashed-in the windows of the SUV with their helmets, dragged the driver out, and beat him severely, kicking his head as he lay on the ground. Much of this whole incident was caught on footage, thanks to the handheld recording device of one of the motorcyclists in the mob.

Now, with good reason and with good evidence, the victim—the driver of the SUV—has filed a legal notice of his intent to sue New York City for their role (and lack thereof) in the beating. You see, the gang of motorcyclists actually included some off-duty police officers! That’s right; those who are (were) paid to protect and serve the citizens of the city were actually a part of the group that viciously beat an innocent motorist. One of the involved officers has even been charged with first-degree felony gang assault and first-degree felony assault.

The lawsuit against the city claims that the city was negligent in its hiring and training of its police officers, exemplified by the incredibly poor judgment and illegal behavior displayed by the charged off-duty officers who were a part of the motorcycle mob. Additionally, the lawsuit claims that the city was negligent in that it failed to “respond to a known danger.” In other words, the city failed to adequately deal with the well-known threat posed by the motorcycle mob, which has been known to cause disturbances in and around Manhattan.

Filing a lawsuit can be an intimidating process; filing one against the largest city in the United States is outright frightening. Nevertheless, individuals have a right to protect themselves, their property and their well being. When external forces play a role in an individual’s injury, they should be forced to compensate the victim appropriately, even when the external force in question happens to be the City of New York.

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