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First, let’s discuss the award. Just this past week, a military veteran received an award following his suing the Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA). The lawsuit dealt with issues far beyond the scope of one service member. The plaintiff in the case sued the VA for its mishandling of his issues relating to his diagnosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a type of anxiety disorder that typically occurs after one has experienced or seen a traumatic event that often encompasses the threat or possibility of death or serious injury. Many military veterans suffer from PTSD, and the VA has long been criticized for its failure to do everything it can to adequately assist military veterans dealing with the debilitating disorder.

The plaintiff in this case was honorably discharged from the military and later diagnosed with the disease. However, his lawsuit alleged, the VA fell short in its responsibilities in failing to provide all appropriate and necessary (and required by protocol) medical treatment opportunities to the plaintiff. Because he never received the proper medication, he eventually decided to rob a pharmacy in order to secure the treatments he needed in order to treat his PTSD. Eventually, the judge awarded the plaintiff and military veteran $3.7 million in damages. This goes to show that wrong is wrong, no matter who the perpetrator is. If you’ve been wronged, even by an entity as powerful as a wing of the federal government, you have a means by which to seek justice: the law.

Next, let’s move on to the “tasty” settlement. A consumer fraud class-action lawsuit against General Mills (the manufacturer of, among many other products, Yoplait yogurt), may be coming to an end with an $8.5 million settlement that has been agreed to by General Mills. This was a case of deceptive advertising, claimed the class (the group of individuals collectively suing General Mills). They claimed that the Yoplait yogurt “YoPlus” was falsely advertised as having health benefits in that it would increase digestive health. The class claimed, further, that they were tricked into paying more for the yogurt because of its misrepresented.

Finally, onto the “bouncy” discovery: a recent finding has revealed that as many as 30 children per day, on average, are injured while playing in “bounce houses,” the inflatable houses that frequent amusement parks, fairs, and sometimes even private parties. The majority of these bounce house-related injuries result from children either falling out of the house while bouncing, slipping inside of the house, or colliding with one another while bouncing around. Such a finding could result in product recalls, substantiation in personal injury cases against the manufacturer and/or retailer of the bouncy houses, and much else. We will keep you abreast of any related findings.

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