Men Sue Drug Giant After Developing Breasts

Developments in the drug company world have led to increased life expectancy. Better quality of life. And diminished amounts of suffering caused by previously unmanageable diseases and afflictions. However, as our Delray Beach personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg know, there is always a trade-off with prescription drugs. While you take the benefits of the drug, you also become vulnerable to the potential side effects. If you have seen TV ads for prescription meds, then you know that some medications have terrible side effects. Men Sue Drug Giant After Developing Breasts.

Corporations have a responsibility to ensure that the products which they sell are safe for consumers. With drug companies. sometimes they can not be held liable for every side effect. One rationale behind insulating drug makers is that, as a society, we want to encourage development of new life-saving drugs. We want those drugs to be used. As part of that quid pro quo, drug makers must promptly release negative side effect information. Drug makers can’t just put their drugs in the market place with complete immunity, especially where they have failed to make required disclosures.

One drug with a once-undisclosed, serious side effect is known as Risperdal. Risperdal is made by Johnson & Johnson. Risperdal has apparently been known to cause Gynecomastia, a condition causing teenage boys or men to experience breast tissue growth. The effect is that the takers of Risperdal, if men, can develop breasts. Those breasts often become noticeable to others. The side effect is particularly upsetting and ironic, given that the drug is prescribed to treat bipolar disorder and anxiety. Thus, the unfortunate situation that can occur is that young men battling anxiety and bipolar disorder turn to a drug which causes increased anxiety.

Many men are now preparing to file a lawsuit against Risperdal’s maker Johnson & Johnson for monetary damages. The basis of the lawsuit is that the company did not disclose the possibility of breast growth. One of the defenses that drug makers often invoke as a way to limit their liability is that the consumers of prescription drugs generally receive those drugs through prescriptions written by their physicians. Therefore, they allege, that it is the responsibility of the physician to properly inform patients about the drugs that they are prescribing. As our personal injury lawyers know, this theory that patients should rely on their doctors for direct communication information relating to the drugs they take, and not the drug manufacturer, is known as the “learned intermediary” doctrine.

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