Lawyers can help!!!

Lawyers can help!!!

Earlier today an outrageous claim was published in a local newspaper. The headline read “Personal injury lawyers blamed for our high insurance rates.” The article was actually an opinion based letter to the editor from a local resident.  The letter claimed, without providing any justification other than a biased opinion, that “Florida has a reputation for high automobile insurance rates due to racket that the personal injury lawyers have created.”  While it is true that comparable to other states, Florida does have high insurance rates, this has little to do with attorneys.

Florida, along with states like New Jersey, Washington D.C., New York, Connecticut and others, do typically have higher insurance rates than other states. However, it is common sense that the more densely populated an area, the more traffic, in turn equals higher insurance rates. South Florida is one of the most densely populated areas in America. It makes sense that an urban area would have higher insurance rates than a rural town. The fact the Florida has higher insurance rates has less to do with its attorneys and more to do with its location and population.

Furthermore, the author continued to talk of her own personal experience of a car accident, or “fender bender” as she refers to it. In truth, our hearts do go out to anyone who is involved in an automobile accident. They are a hassle, often the root of frustration, and sometimes the cause of serious injury. However, it is highly offensive that the author proposes that lawyers are irrelevant and unnecessary.

She continues by referring to “ambulance chasing lawyers” in saying that “these lawyers should invest their time in real cases and be advocates for those who really require assistance.” She again falsely accuses lawyers as being the source of high insurance rates. The slanderous nature of this letter is absurd and should be tossed in the trash.

In the letter, the author discusses being sued for personal injury even though at the time of the injury neither party reported to be injured. The audacity for her to make comments questioning as to how the other party could be injured is ridiculous. Any doctor can vouch that pain and injury are not always present immediately after an accident, but in fact can take up to months to appear. If there were no lawyers what would become of the situation then, a mere “tough luck” for the injured? Much of the time lawyers are necessary not only for corresponding with the other party, but also with the insurance companies. Insurance companies can try to bury the injured under loads of paperwork and hard to understand language before ever seeing a dime. If one is not familiar with the process, the act of seeking relief from an insurance company can be nearly impossible to navigate.

When the founding fathers founded the legal systems of today they intended for it to be an intricate system of checks and balances. Similar to the complexities of medicine and finance, a doctor or a banker must be well practiced in their area to navigate through the complexity of their field. Attorneys too are well versed and well educated to understand the complexity of the law. The complexity comes from that in which every American citizen is held to the same rights, and attorneys are present to see this carried out.  Lawyers are the present day patriots, fighting to preserve justice and equality.

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