Lawyer Referral Services – good or bad?

Lawyer Referral Services – good or bad?

We have all listened to the radio and heard some catchy jingle or have seen the thousands of billboards up and down I-95 and the Turnpike telling us that if we get in a car accident, we need to call a lawyer referral service immediately to hear about the benefits we can receive in the event of an accident. The truth behind some of these for profit companies is that they really do not have your best interests in mind but instead have their own self interest as their primary objective which obviously includes making money.

Here at the Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg, we are not a personal injury referral service. We are not a personal injury “mill” handling thousands of cases per year. Instead, we are small and remain small so that we can provide personal attention and service to all of our clients. All new clients that call get personal service for our staff. We don’t simply take a new phone call and send it to a lawyer like some personal injury lawyer referral services do. We handle all personal cases in our office and we handle them from the beginning of the case all of the way through settlement or jury trial and appeal. We devote 100% of our resources towards handling your personal injury case in an effort to maximize your final recovery.

Some for profit personal injury Lawyer referral services tend to send injured people to chiropractors who subscribe to the referral service. Then, an attorney, who belongs to this same lawyer referral service comes in to meet the injured person at the chiropractors office and signs up the injured person. Oftentimes, the injured party doesn’t need many of the treatments that are being administered. In other instances, some doctors will bring injured parties in for visits more often than they need to make additional money. After the PIP is exhausted and the doctor can no longer get money from insurance, they refer the cases to personal injury attorneys to recover the additional medical expenses for the client.

Our office does not participate in any of these for profit personal injury referral services as we believe more in personal service and providing all of our clients the individual attention your case deserves.

In no way are we stating that all chiropractors are dishonest, or that some lawyer referral services don’t have your best interests in mind. However, unfortunately some of the popular services pair with chiropractors who are willing to be dishonest in order to make money.

There have been several lawsuits brought against these referral services who are engaging in obviously dishonest practices. Our law office is committed to principles of honesty and integrity and will not risk damaging our reputation in order to make quick extra cash.

So, if you are in an accident, don’t just dial one of those numbers you remember because of a fun advertising jingle. Use an experienced attorney and get legal advice with confidence.

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