Know All About Uber Accident Insurance Policy Limits In Florida

Know All About Uber Accident Insurance Policy Limits In Florida

Millions of people use Uber rideshare services to commute from one place to another. Rideshare services allow you to share your ride with other passengers. It is an economical and safe way to reach your destination. But sometimes, the ride can lead to severe accidents. To avoid any complications in the legal procedures, you must be aware of the liabilities ad obligations. Being in Florida, it is your right to have detailed information on the Uber Accident Insurance Policy Limits. According to Florida law, the Uber driver should have insurance coverage when the rideshare application is active status.

The active status means the driver has accepted the request of the passenger and is on their way to the destination. If the company meets the insurance coverage policy requirement, the driver is liable to get other policies. The insurance coverage and policies will differ when the driver is with the passenger and without the passenger. There will be liability limits when the driver is injured. Moreover, the car sustains damage.

These are some of the crucial Uber Accident Insurance Policy Limits you need to follow in Florida.

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Uber Accident Rideshare Insurance Policy In Florida

According to Florida Federal Law, the Uber driver must purchase a rideshare insurance policy.
The Uber driver can add this policy to the existing personal auto insurance policy. The rideshare accident insurance policy includes different phases.

  1. The auto insurance policy is liable when the driver is on-road, and the rideshare app is off.
  2. The Rideshare Application is On With No Passenger: Personal auto insurance policy will provide insurance compensation for the auto accident.
  3. Besides, the rideshare company will offer limited compensation
  4. Rideshare Insurance Policy Is Liable When The Driver Is On The way To Pick Up The Passenger
  5. It is a scenario where the ride request is accepted by the driver
  6. If an accident occurs, rideshare insurance and personal auto insurance will offer coverage
  7. Rideshare insurance coverage will work when the driver is on the way to the destination along with the passenger.

What includes in the Uber Accident Insurance Policy Coverage?

 Uber Accident Insurance Policy

  1. Medical Care Expenses
  2. Expenses For Ongoing Care
  3. Wages and Job Loss Due To Accident
  4. Out-of-pocket expenses and
  5. Various other relevant expenses

Uber Accident Insurance Policy LImits Cover Personal Injuries

The rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft provide personal injury coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. The policy is applicable for the drivers when accidents and the other driver/rider is at fault.

What If The Accident Is Caused By The Uber Driver?

Accident Caused By The Uber Driver

In such scenarios, the Uber Accident Insurance Policy will provide compensation for the property damage and personal injuries of passengers of another vehicle. The policy covers the contingency plan. The Uber driver’s auto insurance policy will work along with the rideshare (Uber) accident insurance policy when the accident takes place with the rideshare application being off.

If You Are A Passenger Injured In The Uber Accident, Here Is How To File Your Claim

You can take the legal help of a personal injury attorney to file the injury compensation claim. It applies to the Florida rideshare accident where a passenger sustains severe injuries. Uber company needs to provide compensation for different types of damages. According to Florida Law, the rideshare Uber Accident Insurance will cover the following things:

  1. Expenses for medical care
  2. Expenses for ongoing care and required in the future
  3. Expenses for the repairing and replacement of damaged property
  4. Loss Of wages, Job, and other benefits
  5. Reduction in the earning capacity due to injuries
  6. Compensation for the pain and suffering due to personal injuries
  7. Suffering from emotional trauma, and mental anguish


Understanding the rideshare accident insurance policies is essential for Uber/Lyft drivers and passengers. It will help you to know about your rights. You can file a lawsuit, or claim for compensation for the losses you sustained. You can meet experienced rideshare accident lawyers at Aronberg Law Firm. The professional lawyers will explain to you how the insurance policies work in Florida. The rideshare accident situation will decide whether you can claim compensation or file a case.

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