How Does A Delray Beach Car Accident Settlement Work?

How Does A Delray Beach Car Accident Settlement Work?

Whether it was an individual or a family who was involved in car crashes, car accidents leave a negative impact on the injured person, their family, and friends. People sustain physical injuries that leave them impaired for a short while or, in many cases even, permanently. Besides this, the emotional and mental trauma hampers an individual from functioning normally. People find it difficult to make decisions about how to ably handle all the required legal, medical, and insurance-related procedures after being injured in a motor crash. The worry about being able to afford all the medical and vehicle repair expenses adds to their worry.

Furthermore, you will have to get in touch with the insurance company agents to understand the requirements for the insurance claim. Amidst all this, you find yourself lost and unable to make out anything. If you are ever involved in any Delray Beach car accident, then it is recommended that you reach out to the best lawyers at the Aronberg Law Firm. The highly experienced attorneys will help you understand the entire car accident settlement work process in cases of the Delray Beach car accident. If you are the injured party in the Delray Beach car accident, it is essential for you to know how the settlement works and in what way you should approach the situation.

The following are some basic guidelines offered by the lawyers of Aronberg Law Firm.

#1 You Need To Report The Car Accident

Delray Beach car accident

If you were involved in a Delray Beach car accident, the first thing you should do is report the accident to the police headquarters of the Delray Beach region. It is crucial because, if any casualties or injuries are involved, immediate action can be taken. Moreover, a written police report is essential for strengthening your case. The report is also needed if there is any kind of property damage.

#2 Understanding The Delray Beach Car Accident Settlement Process

Delray Beach Car Accident Settlement Process

Settling the Delray Beach car accident claim entails that you aim to resolve the dispute with the help of lawyers outside of court. Both the parties involved in the car accident come to the conclusion that resolving the case is better than going through the trial process. The settlement amount will consider the severity of the crash, amount of damage to the vehicles, cost of past medical bills, whether future medical care is still needed, invasiveness of the procedures completed (i.e. therapy verse surgery), lost wages and overall impact on the injured party’s life. The settlement will also consider how much insurance coverage was purchased which usually represents the max payout available regardless of injuries.

To settle the case, the professional car accident lawyer will first focus on documenting the case. They will gather information about the crash and available insurance policies. Then they will assist you in getting medical care. It is usually preferred to settle a case after the medical treatment is finished. That way we have a complete picture of the injury.

Based on the evidence in our file, we will send a demand letter to the insurance company. The lawyers will guide you through the process.

After receiving the letter, your insurance company will carry out a thorough investigation of the car accident before they accept the claim for the compensation. Then settlement numbers will go back and forth. Your lawyer will leverage the threat of a lawsuit if the settlement offer is not high enough.

Understand A Key Aspect Of The Delray Beach Car Accident

What Is The Time Limit for Filing The Lawsuit And Compensation Claim For The Car Accident

The statute of limitations varies from state to state, and they are decided based on the federal government. Car accident cases in Delray Beach, Florida have a statute of limitations of two years.


If you are in search of car accident lawyers for Delray Beach car accidents, consult the Aronberg Law Firm lawyers. They are highly professional, qualified, and have extensive experience in handling different kinds of car accident cases. They are one of the leading personal injury law firms in Delray Beach.

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