Florida Boating Accidents Cause Lasting Damage

Florida Boating Accidents Cause Lasting Damage

In Florida, boating is a fun way of living life. You would come across many people who gather at several boating sites in our beautiful city to enjoy the sport. But the rise in leisure boating activity has also led to a rise in boating accidents. Sometimes the accidents are mild, and sometimes they are severe. You may have come across boating incidents that lead to death in numerous cases. According to the accident reports and statistics, it is observed that Florida witnesses the highest number of boating accidents, injuries, and casualties. Experts always strongly recommend people to take their boating experiences with caution so that there are no accidents.

Whenever you find yourself and others injured in a boating accident, it is essential that you take the necessary action to handle the situation. To know more about this, the experts analyze and provide various reasons behind the cause of boating accidents in Florida.

What Are The Reasons That Causes Boating Accidents In Florida?

  1. The drivers do not pay attention to the boating equipment.
  2. The operators or drivers do not have extensive experience.
  3. The drivers use excessive speed while boating
  4. Failure of the machinery
  5. The drivers show careless or reckless behavior
  6. The water condition is not good while you are getting into the boating
  7. Weather
  8. Consumption of alcohol while boating
  9. A jet skier or occupant’s behavior may cause accidents
  10. Failure of the boating equipment
  11. Accidents due to blocked vision
  12. Accidents caused during a sharp turn
  13. Congested waters
  14. The drivers of the boat anchor the boat improperly
  15. Hull failure
  16. The driver is violating the rules of proper navigation
  17. Ignition of fuel vapor
  18. The vent fumes have failed
  19. If the passengers or driver sit or stand on the gunwale, bow, or transom
  20. No proper lighting

How Boating Accidents Can Cause Lasting Damage To The Injured Parties?

Boating is fun in Florida, but when people face severe accidents, it becomes difficult to get back to their normal self. Sometimes the injuries cause lasting damage to the people involved in the accident.

Here are some of the boating accidents that can cause a lasting impact on the injured party or, in some cases even, death.

#1 Injured Parties Undergo Traumatic Brain Injuries Due To Boating Accident

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In a boating accident, you may face a sudden jerk on the head or body in the form of a violent blow. Due to this jerk, you may experience sudden pressure on your brain as your skull is damaged. Sometimes, there is penetration in the head due to the nearby objects. This is not just causing damage to the brain but also to the brain tissues. Such injuries take a long time to recover and lead to mental impairment. Such traumatic brain injuries can cause coup-contrecoup injury, diffuse axonal injury, and many more.

#2 Injured Party May Suffer From Spinal Cord Injuries In Boating Accidents

Boating accidents can not just cause brain injuries but also severe spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries also cause various problems in your body that cause long-term effects. When your spinal cord gets damaged during a boating accident, it has an impact on the nerves and supporting tissues. This will have issues with the overall strength of your body and its functionalities.

#3 Boating Accident Causes Anoxic Brain Injuries

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Due to boating accidents, you may suffer from severe brain injuries such as anoxic injury. In such injuries, your brain cells will not get proper oxygen. When the brain cells are not getting proper oxygen, you will experience cognitive issues that affect your ability to handle your work, relationships, and various other aspects of life.

Apart from these injuries, the injured party may also suffer from other injuries such as lung infection, burns, bone fractures, and skin infections.

When you have suffered injuries due to boating accidents, you should reach out to the best boating accident lawyer in Florida. They will analyze the situation and let you know the actual scenario. If the other party is at fault, you can file a lawsuit and increase a claim for the compensation. But for all this, you will need the support of your lawyer.


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