Firm Founder David Aronberg Runs the Chicago Marathon!

Firm Founder David Aronberg Runs the Chicago Marathon!

The Chicago Marathon took place on October 13th of this year, and among the more than 39,000 runners who hailed from all 50 U.S. states and from over 100 countries around the world, was founder (and one of the namesake’s!) of our firm, David Aronberg.

This year’s marathon, hosted by Bank of America, was certainly one to remember. With beefed-up security and solemn hearts and minds facing eastward in memory of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings that occurred last spring, it was a testament to resilience of the spirit and physical dedication that the turnout at this year’s Chicago marathon was in record numbers.

Marathon’s are, needless to say, no brisk run down the block. It’s one thing to go for a morning jog; its quite another to race – for 26.2 miles! – among tens of thousands of competitive runners for hours on end. In this marathon, just as there was extra security presence on-hand in order to deter and protect against any threats of violence, there were an abundance of medical precautions taken and many medical workers were on-hand to assist runners in need.

There were, at the Chicago Marathon, 20 aid stations, each of which was located between 1 and 3 miles from each other. At each of these stations were medical service workers and equipment, ready to handle any medical issues that might have arisen. This should indicate how difficult these marathons truly are! These historic runs are tests of the mind as well as the body. In fact, your body burns far more calories during a marathon run than you are supposed to eat in a given day – for this reason, it is important for marathon runners to “carbo-load” the day before the event”; may runners attend what they call “pasta parties” where they consumes large amounts of pasta (carbs) in order to make sure that their bodies are full of mass to burn off during the race. You don’t want to be caught running on empty during any leg of the 26.2 mile run.

Where did we get the 26.2 mile distance from anyhow? According to the story, when the Greeks defeated the Persians in battle roughly 2,600 years ago, a solder named Pheidippides ran more than 25 miles, from the battlefield in Marathon, Greece, to Athens, where he could deliver the news. Upon arriving after the excruciatingly long run, Pheidippides exclaimed, “Rejoice! We have been victorious,” before dropping dead of exhaustion.

Much later, in 1908, when the marathon was held at the London Olympics, Queen Alexandra requested that the distance extend all the way from the East Lawn of Windsor Castle to White City Stadium (a distance of 26.2 miles) so that the royal children would be able to view the spectacle. (We hope the royal children enjoyed watching the race, because we’re sure the runners didn’t appreciate the distance extension!)

Given the physical demands and the historical relevance of marathon-running, it’s no surprise that attorney David Aronberg readily accepted the challenge, trained with diligence and performed with distinction. His profound dedication to his legal work was replicated in Chicago on October 13th. Go David!

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