EpiPen Devices Subject to Nationwide Voluntary Recall

Some things just have to work when you really need them. Car brakes, for example: what good are they if they don’t work when you need to slow down or come to an abrupt stop? Also on this list, as our Delray Beach personal injury lawyers at Aronberg & Aronberg know, are EpiPens, medical instruments which allow users to inject a life-saving drug into their system to help reverse symptoms of severe allergic reactions and potentially save the user’s life. Learn why EpiPen Devices Subject to Nationwide Voluntary Recall in this blog.

The fact that EpiPens necessarily need to be completely reliable makes a recent voluntary recall of the product so distressing. Late last month, pharmaceutical company Mylan announced that its manufacturing partner for the EpiPen Auto-Injector expanded a voluntary recall of certain lots of the EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. product. The recall, also announced by the FDA, is due to the potential that these devices might contain a defective component that might result in the devices’ failure to activate. As Mylan announced, the recall was issued after the company was made aware of two reports outside the U.S. of the EpiPen’s failure to active because of a defect in a product component provided by a supplier.

A comprehensive list, provided by Mylan, of the affected United States lots of the injectors can be viewed here. Still, if you or a loved one relies on EpiPen products, our personal injury lawyers recommend that you contact your doctor and/or pharmacist immediately to ensure that the product you have is safe and, if it is not, to figure out how to replace it with a reliable one. In addition, check out this webpage run by Mylan, full of information related to the EpiPen recall and how to go about ordering a replacement.

As our Delray Beach personal injury lawyers know, a voluntary recall is one issued based on the company’s own wishes (that is, the recall was not ordered by a government body). Still, just because a company issues a recall on one of their defective products, that does not let them off the hook in the event that somebody still uses the defective product and is injured as a result. For example, in this case, if someone is not aware of the recall, does not replace their EpiPen, goes into an allergic shock and then sustains harm because their EpiPen failed to work, they can still go after the company responsible for the product notwithstanding the recall. So while recalls certainly help limit the number of people who might be harmed due to the defect in the product, it does not necessarily eliminate the risk of liability facing the company.

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