Dog Bite – Personal Injury Case???

Of harmless people, it is often noted that their “bark is worse than their bite.” But as one of our clients experienced first-hand last month, just the opposite was the case of a family friend’s dog.

We have recently been retained as counsel for a young woman who was viciously attacked by her friend’s canine companion. On a quiet afternoon, our client was trying on clothing at her friend’s house when her friend’s dog suddenly jumped at her and sunk his teeth into her leg and body. The dog continued to relentlessly maul our client until he was eventually subdued by one of his owners, but not before inflicting serious damage.

Both New Jersey and Florida are what are referred to as “strict liability states.” Pursuant to the laws of both states, dog owners may be held legally liable for the damages sustained by any person bitten by said dog in a public place or on private property (if you are permitted to be on the private property and are not a trespasser). This remains true regardless of the viciousness of the dog or knowledge of past viciousness of the dog by the owner. This distinction is made because in some states, dog bite claims can be tossed out if a dog has no prior record of viciousness (similar to the modus operandi in the American legal system which lends a hand of leniency to first-time offenders).

Part of the legal responsibilities of dog owners in both New Jersey and Florida is to care for animals deemed to be “domestic animals”—pets. Part of caring for your dog is maintaining a level of control over the animal in order to help prevent gruesome attacks, similar to that which our client suffered. Training your dog and obeying your county’s policies on which dog breeds may be considered “domestic animals” is an integral part of being both a dutiful citizen and a caring member of the community.

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